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    CO - Pregnant woman, 27, injured in hit & run, baby died, Denver, 9 Dec 2010

    This merits all the media attention it can get in HOPES somebody can find the driver. An arrest needs to be made in this sad, sad case


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    So sad. I hope she'll be okay and they find the coward that did this.

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    This is such a sad story. The whole article is so sad. The pregnant lady sounds like a wonderful woman and her baby boy so loved and anticipated.

    So horrible for the family and the community.

    How can the hit- run driver live with his/herself ?

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    From February 2012:


    Estrada was assigned to the traffic-accident investigations team in December 2010, when Laura Gorham, then 27, was hit as she crossed a street in the Stapleton neighborhood. Police have so far not made an arrest in the case.

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