"Want-To-Be Vampire" Charged with Branding Ala. Teen's Face with a "V"

GADSDEN, Ala. (CBS/AP) A 20-year-old man charged with burning a "V" into the face of a teenager has told police in Gadsden he believes he is a vampire.

Evan Francis Brown, of Albertville, Ala., was arrested on a warrant for second-degree assault, a felony. Police say in October Brown heated a fork or a spoon on the stove and used it to burn a "V" into a 17-year-old's forehead. Brown allegedly tied the teen up, tricking him into believing they were playing a game.


"...[Brown] has told authorities his religious belief is Satanism and he is known by the nickname, "Vamp."

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"...."We went to the residence where he had lived. It was filled with satanic symbols on the wall. It was some kind of cult," said [Sgt. Wayne] Keener.

Also found was a book on witchcraft stolen from the local library, police said. The police department has condemned the house...."

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