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    Israel - Neta Sorek, 50, & Kristine Luken, 40, murdered, Beit Shemesh, 2010

    I cannot believe that there isn't a thread for this story...but I searched all over and nothing came up. The story that the survivor gave is very strange. Something about the survivor's story doesn't seem quite right to me...


    JERUSALEM — Israeli police discovered the body of an American woman, hands bound and full of stab wounds, in a rugged forest outside Jerusalem Sunday, a day after a friend said Arab assailants attacked the pair during a hike in the hills.

    The friend, who suffered light wounds but managed to escape, said one of the two attackers approached them with what looked like a long bread knife and carefully removed her Star of David necklace before stabbing her where it had hung.
    For instance, one woman was stabbed to death and the survivor had minimal wounds. Also, she said something about waiting two minutes and being able to run away, and yet they had both been bound beforehand and she was very carefully and deliberately stabbed by one of the assailants (the men according to her were intent on murder) but neither man checked the bodies? The Star of David stabbing part also seems more like something out of a movie.

    I feel so sorry for the family of Christine Logan, and if the survivor really is telling the truth then I am glad she made it out alive. But to me there's something very hinky about this story.

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    I don't think there's anything suspicious (i.e. hinky) about this. I mean, what would the motive be? The article said the surviving victim pretended to be dead, so maybe that saved her life? Usually, when it's a couple (man/woman) and just the woman is murdered and the man survives, I'm suspicious, but this just seems like a horrible, sad case.

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    Here is CNN's article...they have her name as "Kristine Luken"? Anyway, I didn't know they had been tied to a tree and then stabbed....how awful.


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    Here's an MSNBC video...

    msnbc.com Video Player
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    From November 2011:


    Judges Jacob Zaban, Miriam Mizrahi and Raphael Carmel imposed two consecutive life sentences plus an additional 60 years in prison on Kifah Ghanimat, 34, considered the leader of the cell.

    Kifah was convicted under a plea bargain in which he admitted to murdering Luken in the Mata forest outside Jerusalem in December 2010, and of murdering Sorek near the Beit Jamal monastery near Beit Shemesh in February 2010. He was also convicted of unlawful entry into Israel, stealing weapons, weapons trading and four counts of attempted murder and rape.

    The court also handed down a life sentence plus an additional 16 years in prison to Ibrahim Ghanimat, 33, another member of the terrorist cell, who was convicted under a plea bargain of murdering Sorek and on other charges including car theft and unlawful entry into Israel.

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