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    OH - Cleveland - Woman, 46, arrested on accusations of child abuse - 7 children remvd

    CLEVELAND - A 46-year-old Cleveland woman has been arrested surrounding accusations that she locked up children that were in her care in deplorable conditions.


    Police said that one of the children said she had planned to fall down the stairs at school that day, in the hopes that she would injure herself badly enough that she could go to the hospital instead of going home.


    Full article at link


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    When police went to the home, they found locks on the basement door. In the attic, they found blankets on the floor and no light bulbs. Sergeant Morris stated that the foster mother told them she locks the children up "because they steal stuff."

    Cleveland police have arrested a 46 year old woman pending charges of domestic violence and endangering children. They say the woman had a total of seven children living in the home---three biological children and four foster children.
    Of course kids will steal when you deprive them of basic necessities like food and blankets. It doesn't take a buttload of parenting training to learn that.

    What's really bad is that unless she does jail time, unlikely that she will, she will get her bios back since they were not technically abused. I hope they don't let her foster again, but sadly they will likely just give her more support services,a couple more classes, and different kids.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    I can't imagine that she will be allowed to foster again. I do expect that she will get her bio children back as they technically weren't abused. However, to my way of thinking they were because they witnessed the abuse of the other children. Obviously they didn't see a problem with it or they would have spoken up on behalf of the foster children, which makes you wonder what they will be like when they grow up.
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    Stories we don't expect to hear at Christmas time. How I'd like to bundle them all up, make hot cocoa and decorate the tree. Unfortunately, life isn't like that -- which is ever so sad.

    I'll be praying for them!


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    Wow! This woman was actually the childrens aunt!

    This article said mom has been clean and sober for years now and would ask to see the kids and it was a resounding no.

    The article goes on that the kids would sneak phones and call their mom saying they didn't have anything to eat for days. She'd sneak food over to them.

    There's also a comment from someone who is family. They knew something wasn't right, and she goes on to tell well alot of stuff.

    O.K. so we have a bunch of peopleknew something was wrong and? And? I get that people don't want to involve social services, but pah-lease.


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