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    Swiss man flies like a bird

    A Swiss airline pilot has become the first man to fly horizontally thanks to two jet engines strapped to stubby wings.

    Rocket man Yves Rossy reached a speed of 112mph during the four minutes he spent hurtling through the Alps.

    His invention took five years to perfect.

    Rossy, 45, told the Daily Mirror: "It was absolutely fantastic - freedom in three dimensions. I felt like a bird."

    Attached to his three-metre wide, 40kg carbon wings, he launched himself from a plane high above Bex in Western Switzerland, leaving a spectacular vapour trail before landing by parachute.

    With his next prototype, Rossy hopes to be able to launch from the ground.


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    Attention boys and girls, do not try this at home. Serious injury or death could result.
    This is my opinion, and change is good.