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    "She will be arrested and...go to jail....There's a method to everything they do."

    Desiree seems quite confident in this video, as if she's speaking from knowledge instead of speaking with emotion. Sounds to me that she's certain that LE know it's Terri and that they are strategically building a case against her.

    NBC Medford

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    But... arrested and going to jail for what?
    Could it be for something parallel to Kyron's disappearance?

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    I think DY knows a lot. A LOT MORE than what we are privy to. And I bet there is a lot she doesn't know as well (ie: investigative details... vast majority of them)

    I think the divorce and the M4H plot have provided her (as well as her own personal knowledge of Terri) with alot of what she brings forth now with her determination. Normally, these sorts of things/findings would not be known in an investigation but due to there being another child involved of course some of this information that LE had was let out of the bag.

    I think there is MUCH MORE in that bag... stuff that we do not know... Stuff that DY does not know. in saying that I trust the GJ and the legal process... and I think once they move forward with an indictment/true bill ((((which imhoo I think they will get sooner than later... most likely after the start of the new year))) pressure can be applied where it needs to be... and perhaps.. just perhaps the perp will work out a plea.

    I myself do NOT see Terri EVER working out a plea. To me (((((((((jmhoo))))))))))) she is a female Scott Peterson and will not bend one iota. If she is indicted under a true bill she will go to the tops of mountains to scream her innocence ((without ever speaking of course... she is very careful that way!)). A plea... I do not ever see that happening with Ms Terri unless more is known/found out for her to do so.

    would a prison sentence for M4H be enough for a plea deal for Kyron? I doubt it. I am sure House has her convinced he can beat that all the way to the bank. And we have to remember that he is her only friend and cheerleader right now. And what does Houze have on Kaine?

    There is sure to be some smearing going on soon in this divorce hearing.

    Bottom line is where is Kyron and I think Terri knows. To be able to go to sleep every night knowing this....

    only one word in my opinion:



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    Quote Originally Posted by pufnstuf View Post
    Desiree seems quite confident in this video, as if she's speaking from knowledge instead of speaking with emotion. Sounds to me that she's certain that LE know it's Terri and that they are strategically building a case against her.

    NBC Medford
    Great video of Desiree. I have no doubt whatsoever that Desiree is privy to much more information than has been released and if she is confident that Terri is going to be arrested, I will certainly take her word for it.

    It's too bad Terri couldn't see fit to tell what she has done with Kyron in order to make the holidays easier on not only Kaine and Desiree but also baby K. I hope when 1/6/2011 rolls around, she will walk out of the courtroom right into a pair of nicely fitted handcuffs.


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    I pray that Desiree is right.
    John 3:16

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    I'm hoping for the sake of the investigation that Desiree didn't again talk to the MSM without checking first with LE.

    If this appearance was OK'd by LE, then that is good news (to me). Not as good news as finding Kyron, though.

    It's really hard to type about this case. I've held out hope that Kyron is still alive and can be found and rescued. He is such an adorable kid (aren't they all?) that it is just heart-wrenching to think that someone could cause harm to him.

    A few of my fave pix of Kyron are the closeups of him with Kaine (like the one with the snowman), and with Desiree (on a porch?). I can really see the familial resemblance in those, plus step into their joy. I also love the ones of Tony and Kyron. But my most faves are the ones of him beaming up at whomever held the camera (and it really hurts to think that some of those pix may have been taken by Terri). That last one was taken by Terri, and that cuts me to the core.

    Obviously I don't know why/how Kaine and Desiree couldn't have stayed together, but I can't help thinking that if they had been able to, Kyron would still be with them. SIGH. (no blame, just wistful) Kaine must really be torn almost in half (losing Kyron, and gaining baby K). And Desiree torn in half (losing Kyron and gaining Tony).

    Prayers for Kaine, Desiree, baby K, Tony and other family, and friends.

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    If I was Terri and saw that clip, I can guarantee you I would want to poop in my pants. Desiree looked strong, confident and determined. For the first time, she looked as though she was in control of her emotions. Good for you DY!!!

    EDIT: As long as she was upset in front of the camera, I fear Terri was enjoying every second of this circus.

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    Thanks for posting this link, pufnstuf. It does me good to see Desiree so confident and to know that TH will see this and know what's coming instead of gleefully watching Desiree's misery. Every time I've watched Desiree cry, I've cried with her and I know that TH has been enjoying every moment of it. I hope she got enough pleasure to last her a lifetime because that's exactly how long I hope she will be in prison!
    "This Time We Get it Right!"

    "For those who believe, no proof is necessary.
    For those who don't believe, no proof is possible." Stuart Chase

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    "She will be arrested and she will go to jail". That is music to my ears.

    You can choose to be bitter or better when handling your problems.

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    Still, where is KYRON and what did she do with him?????
    Kyron, HALEIGH, ADJI & Gabriel NEEDS PRAYERS NOW TO FIND THEM!. Zahra & Jonathan in heaven
    Justice for Hailey!!!!
    No Justice for Caylee Marie..........

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    Since Tony is a homicide detective I'll bet Desiree continually get lots of advice, input, and facts that he's learned. Surely he's as involved as much as he's allowed, even more if possible. If Terri really did something to Kyron knowing that his StepDad is a detective she was a fool. He'll probably never let this go for the rest of his life if need be, and he is in the position to keep it going more than the parents I'd think.

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    Some officers will provide information to Desiree about evidence because they are motivated by the desire to help anyone who is suffering and she is clearly suffering. Other officers will give Desiree information about evidence because they desire to reduce their own uncomfortableness in seeing her in such emotional pain. With a husband who is a detective, Desiree knows many officers of both types. She has been given information that we don't have.

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    Thanks so much for the link, Pufnstuff!

    This gives me hope! And Merry Christmas to Kyron's family, the Mods here on Websleuths, and all the posters on the Kyron threads!

    I'm the proud mother of a new attorney!
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    To me, Desiree sounds as though she is repeating a mantra, more than factual statements...
    Just my opinion, of course.

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    I think this is more along the lines of what she wants and needs to believe

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