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    UT - Cory Campbell for sex abuse of teen girls, Farr West, 2009

    Imagine sending your sweet teen daughter off to a slumber party at your church's youth pastor's house. She's friends with his step-daughter, after all. Nice and well respected guy and family. What could be more fun and wholesome? And then you learn this:


    Former LDS youth leader sentenced in sex abuse case

    "....Deputy Weber County Attorney Bill Daines called Campbell "a spider sitting on a web waiting on his victims ... He didn't hesitate to go after them in the darkness of his own home. "They didn't know what to do or how to react because they'd been told this was a good family where teenage girls could be safe."

    Campbell was charged in February and March of this year with multiple counts of forcible sexual abuse for illicit touching of three girls ages 14 and 15 over a nine-month period in 2009, most often while they were attending slumber parties as friends of Campbell's stepdaughter at his home.

    A fourth victim endured sexual episodes short of intercourse from January 2007 through much of 2009, according to court documents. Her case was originally charged as a first-degree felony, later reduced to another second-degree felony forcible sexual abuse in Campbell's plea bargain in October. A fifth young woman came forward after widespread publicity..."


    "...Three of the four victims tearfully addressed the judge Thursday, speaking after Campbell tearfully apologized to them.

    "I should never have done what I did to you," said Campbell, 38, stressing they needn't blame themselves. "I do not deserve to be forgiven by you ... I am on my knees every night before God, praying for you."

    "I leave behind a loving wife and three loving sons and a 5-year-old daughter," said Campbell, who walked into the courtroom arm-in-arm with his wife...."


    "....[B]A psychosexual evaluation Campbell paid for himself found his crimes "not sexually driven," [Campbell's attorney, Sean] Druyon said, "but the result of social feelings of inadequacy ... to fulfill a bond of love, but in an inappropriate manner. Campbell was found to be "not motivated by sexual arousal, but by interpersonal problems in how he relates to people," Druyon said, noting both mental health professionals found Campbell "a low sexual risk to re-offend" and not a pedophile." [EBM Just lost my carrot salad!]


    "...But Daines said it's easy to find psychological examinations to go either way with a criminal's state of mind. "You can find a psychologist to ameliorate anything ... So he's not a pedophile. Big deal. So he goes after young teenage girls instead."

    more at link

    Arm in arm with his wife, crocodile tears, the trotting out of the expert witness to attest that the man is not a sexual risk [would he trust this guy with his child?], and the courtroom packed with supporters. Let me guess, Campbell did a great service for children--other than the molestations, mind you. And he's on his knees every night. Yikes!!

    Those brave young ladies. To walk through that gauntlet and tell God's truth. Thank you for stopping this man. May you walk forward with your heads held high.

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    Found this in an earlier article, right after the arrest. I guess his wife truly does believe in forgiveness....


    "....the victims are all young women ranging in age from 14 to 15, and that one victim is a family member, and the other two are friends of the first victim....."

    So, if the wife walked into court arm in arm with her husband, the accused, where does that leave the relative child? What message does that send? Despicable, IMO.

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