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    RSO Ronnie Arnold Jr arrested for probation violation involving a minor

    Applause to the Madison County Sheriff's Department for doing proactive monitoring of these guys.


    According to Sex Crimes Detective Mike Boone, Arnold is being charged with the violations of living at an unregistered address and living at an address with a young child.
    Madison County Sheriff Buddy Harwood said that Boone was conducting surveillance on Arnold and it was determined that he was staying at a different address than he was registered to between two to three nights a week.
    Boone has placed a warning out to other registered sex offenders stating that “we do keep up and we do monitor” the whereabouts of registered sex offenders.
    If convicted, Arnold could face a prison sentence and additional probation

    RSO- Rapist Seeking Opportunity
    The registry does not protect future victims.
    Keem them locked up.
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    WOO HOO. Kudos to Madison. I just hope he isn't let out too soon.



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