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    FL - RSO David Huffman arrested, Walmart Flasher


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A registered sex offender accused of exposing himself to a young girl inside an Ocoee Walmart will answer to a judge Tuesday morning.

    Amanda Rogers told WFTV that Huffman should have never been let out of jail for what he was charged with doing to a little girl back in the early 1990's. WFTV visited Huffman's neighborhood and all the parents there agree. They are glad to know he is off the streets.
    The 43-year-old Huffman is in the Orange County jail after investigators say he opened his trench coat last Sunday at an Ocoee Walmart and exposed himself to a girl under the age of 16.
    Rogers was even more surprised when she found out just last week that Huffman registered himself as a transient.
    Huffman's extensive wrap sheet shows he is a registered sex offender. In 1993, Huffman was charged with sexual battery on a child younger than 12. Ocoee police say if not for the girl's mother at Walmart, who chased after Huffman, getting a good description of him, his car and license plate number, they might still be looking for him.

    RSO- Rapist Seeking Opportunity
    The registry does not protect future victims.
    Keem them locked up.
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    Homeless convicted sex offender in a trench coat.

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