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    RSO Carl E. Bickham arrested after stalking a 12 year old girl


    Carl E. Bickham, 50, of 195 Bridge St., is accused of approaching the girl Dec. 3 as she walked home from school and trying to get her into his car.
    Bickham must register twice a year as a sex offender as a result of his 1988 convictions on two counts of felonious sexual assault of a minor.
    He is currently out on parole for an unrelated first-degree assault conviction.
    The girl who was approached Dec. 3, as she walked home in the area of Hall and Pearl streets, told police that a man drove up to her and offered her a ride and when she walked past the car, the man drove in reverse to continue and try to talk with her.
    When oncoming traffic forced the driver to move along, the man circled the block and attempted to approach her a second time. This time the girl ran to her residence and when her mother opened the door, the man drove off.
    Through the description given of the man and his car, detectives were able to identify Bickham as a suspect
    RSO- Rapist Seeking Opportunity
    The registry does not protect future victims.
    Keem them locked up.
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