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    CA - Fertility Dr. Arrested in California.

    Doctor arrested in Calif. fertility scandal
    15 births resulted from improper egg transfers;
    $1 million in billings hidden
    LOS ANGELES — Federal officials are working to extradite a fugitive physician at the heart of a University of California, Irvine fertility scandal in the 1990s, who was arrested last month in Mexico City.

    U.S. Attorneys spokesman Thom Mrozek says Ricardo Asch was arrested Nov. 3, about 15 years after he and another fertility doctor, Jose Balmaceda, were charged with stealing the eggs and embryos of dozens of women being treated at the UC Irvine Center for Reproductive Health.



    WOW! I too would be very upset learning that a Dr. stole my eggs to reproduce childrent.
    I have to add:
    I think the Insurance companies should make fertility available to those
    who do not have thousands of dollars, but really want a family.

    One of my old GYN was arrested for insurance fraud;
    So many families would be childless if he could not impregnate them.
    I remember dozens of women outside his office when he was in court.
    Crying and praying for him.
    WE all loved the Doctor so much he was a great person, who lost his license
    and got 7 years in jail.
    But he did not steal anything from his patients.
    He gave his heart to his patients and the staff.
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    What the heck took them so long to find the guy?

    Money! What people won't do for loot.

    They were fertility specialists so who did they give the eggs to? It had to be other women that perhaps thought the eggs were theirs?

    Science is a wonderful thing. There's so many medical miracles out there. However, we've be warned things could go wrong. Who was that one fertility Doctor that actually fathered all of the children? That was so many years ago. He used his own sperm and impregnated women who had no clue. I think some of the children lived in the same town.

    In all honesty I went though years of fertility treatment, and I have to say there were times I had that uterine insemination I wondered if they mixed it up in the back with some other people that were out in the waiting room. I remember my mom being with me saying "Do you want to be a mother or do you want to be pregnant because you just might be getting that guy over there's genetics for your kid". She points to someone elses husband!

    Women sell their eggs for a significant amount of money. I guess these guys just bypassed anybody getting any money for them besides themselves?

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