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    MO - Cheerleaders sue district over dismissal for cyberbullying

    Former cheerleaders sue Seneca district
    The suit alleges that the defendants violated the students’ rights to public education, due process and free speech as set forth in the Missouri and U.S. constitutions when they were removed from the cheerleading squad for alleged acts of cyber-bullying. The allegations were investigated by the Newton County Sheriff’s Department. No charges were filed.
    Both plaintiffs claim they have suffered from alienation from fellow students and cheerleaders, and the loss of an environment that fosters “full educational benefit and learning.”
    [The school district's attorney Tom] Mickes said he believes there are a number of court cases that show extracurricular activities, such as cheerleading, are not protected under the due-process clause of the 14th Amendment.

    much more, at

    Questions posed by Seneca cheerleader lawsuit
    During my years as a newspaper reporter, I wrote several stories about school boards initiating policies that would punish students in extracurricular activities who were involved in drinking, taking drugs, vandalism, or fighting. Some parents spoke up when these policies were being considered, but all of the policies were implemented.

    At that time, though my stories did not reflect it, I was sympathetic toward the parents who questioned just why school officials should be able to intrude into their children’s home lives.

    It did seem to be a stretch.

    How could something a student did over the summer months, for instance, have an impact on the school? While I understood where school officials were coming from, I had a hard time understanding how they thought they could legally take actions against students who were not under their supervision at the time of their alleged transgressions.

    My certainty about this vanished with the advent of the internet.

    excellent blog post continues at

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    I'm gathering that these girls were the ones who were doing the bullying... but some of the comments on that page have made it sound as though these were the ones who were bullied.

    It is disgusting to me that (if these are bullies) they and their parents feel they can sue for being punished! The article didn't say what damages are being sought, but I bet they're hoping to get rich or something... I can't believe that people can do something so wrong to other people, and then file lawsuits over their punishment!

    They have no respect for anyone but themselves... they must consider themselves the victims, and not those they bullied. I really hope this is thrown out!

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