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    Angry TN - Man accused of secretly videotaping wife and daughter

    From the link:

    "CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- After a year-long investigation, a Chattanooga man faces charges for videotaping his now estranged wife, and daughter without them knowing." snip
    There is also a video at the link.


    Ok, this one is just disgusting. According to the article above, this was not his stepdaughter, this was his daughter and he didn't "accidentally" videotape her while taping his wife. He had cameras set up to tape her as well. I honestly don't know what's happening in this world. My dad would have died of shame if he had accidentally walked in on one of his daughters in the bathroom. I honestly don't have the words (or can't use them here) to say what I think of this individual.
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    And people may wonder why it's his estranged wife?

    Heads to court in January?

    Meanwhile the poor wife and daughter have to worry about this "person" being out there? That is some really frighting stuff.

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