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    GA - High school student allegedly raped by top Shreveport official

    An 18-year-old Georgia high school student told Shreveport police she was raped inside the city's Government Plaza following Monday's Independence Bowl.

    She was there with her parents for Georgia Tech/Air Force game and said she was raped after the game by the assistant chief administrative officer to Mayor Cedric Glover.

    Rick Seaton offered to drive her to the city jail to bail out her boyfriend, who was arrested for disorderly conduct. Instead he took the alleged victim to the mayor's office, where he forced her onto a sofa and raped her. Seaton was fired Tuesday "as the result of an ongoing criminal investigation."

    She admits to having been drinking. He says sex was consensual.


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    I think it says a lot that the man was fired rather than placed on administrative leave. I don't care if the young lady was drunk and stark naked. If she was forced, that's called rape. Her parents were present at the event and her mother reported the rape. Did a 43 year old well-educated man actually think a high school girl would just go back to mom and dad and act as if nothing happened?


    "....The victim told Police the alleged assault took place at Government Plaza. She was taken to the hospital for treatment. Investigators say they did find evidence related to the assault at the plaza. Mayor Glover was made aware of the situation late Monday night and made the decision to fire Seaton the next morning...."

    more at link
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