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    Netherlands - Parents notified of pre-school molester's confession

    Did we miss this? My heart goes out to all the parents who must be wondering as children this young often don't know how to disclose. Those poor parents who got "the call". I was impressed that a photo has been released. Isn't it interesting how other countries protect the anonymity of the accused? Lots of information about how the different stings work together. I imagine this was related to the "Lost Boys" child porn ring which was broken up in California in mid-December.


    Dutch arrest suspected serial child molester

    "AMSTERDAM Amsterdam police called for the public to provide information on a possible child pornography ring Monday after a teacher was arrested on suspicion of molesting dozens of very young children.

    The 27-year-old suspect in the Amsterdam case worked as a substitute teacher for at least two preschools in the city and also offered baby-sitting services online in what is feared to be one of the worst cases of sexual abuse in the Netherlands...."


    "....more than 50 parents had been informed that the suspect arrested last week after a tip from U.S. authorities has either confessed to abusing their children, or was thought to have done so...."


    "...a worldwide pedophile network has been uncovered as a result of the efforts of the countries involved, offenders have been arrested and numerous victims have been rescued...."

    The man's computers containing child pornography were seized and he has since confessed to dozens of sex crimes allegedly committed over the past year and a half, Bolhaar said. The victims were boys and girls under four years old..."


    "...Police identified the suspect as a Dutch citizen originally from Riga, Latvia, and also published his photo an unusual step, as privacy laws usually prevent publication of photographs of suspects in the Netherlands.

    A press statement published by Interpol from Lyon, France, identified the suspect as Robert M., citing Dutch prosecutors....."

    more at link

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    that child porn predator bust that happened a few months back is bound to be bringing to light suspects for month maybe years to come.

    those poor little ones. Those poor shocked parents.
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    Can you imagine being the officer who was given the task to "make the call"?

    I am so torn about the name of the predator being protected. I understand that someone isn't officially guilty until proven in a court of law. This man confessed, however. And wouldn't it be prudent for parents to have a name to jog their memory? I've learned about so many different legal systems, here on WS. One surely isn't the best but there sure are differences.

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