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    TX - Robber Gets What's Coming to Him

    Robbery suspect takes a beating
    Victim's son stepped in; police say construction robberies may be linked

    Police say a robbery suspect bludgeoned with a hammer when he tried to steal from a construction worker in Highland Park may be responsible for a string of such incidents in a three-mile area.

    On Tuesday afternoon, two men tried to rob a 50-year-old man inside an unfinished house in the 4800 block of St. John's Drive, police said. A gun-wielding man pushed the worker into a closet and stole his wallet, said Highland Park police Detective Randy Millican.

    After hearing a commotion, the victim's son, who was also at the site, chased the suspect and struck him with a claw hammer, Detective Millican said.

    The suspect was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital with injuries to his head. His name had not been released because a second suspect remained at large Tuesday evening.

    The victim was taken to Baylor Medical Center with minor injuries.

    Police in Dallas, Highland Park and University Park say the two suspects in Tuesday's incident might be the same ones responsible for at least 12 construction-worker robberies in the last three weeks.

    On Friday, two workers were targeted in the 3500 block of Princeton Avenue in Highland Park. But before the two assailants were able to get away with any loot, one of the workers grabbed the gun of one of the men and pistol-whipped him, Detective Millican said.

    Detective Millican said he was "pretty confident" the two men are also linked to eight similar robberies in Dallas and two last week in University Park. He said the suspects' physical descriptions match those of the men wanted in the other cases.

    E.L. Biggerstaff, owner of the Biggerstaff Construction company that employs the workers targeted in Friday's incident, said the recent robberies have made him more nervous about his workers' safety.

    "It's scary. This is unprecedented. ... We're starting to close back doors and garage doors" on unfinished houses, said Mr. Biggerstaff, who has worked in the area for 18 years. He said some employees wanted to work Saturday and on Labor Day, but he wouldn't let them because they would have been out alone.

    Mr. Biggerstaff said he hopes Tuesday's incident will lead to arrests, but he's not surprised the construction workers took matters into their own hands.

    "Sooner or later, they're going to run into somebody who's the wrong guy," Mr. Biggerstaff said. "Construction workers aren't the walk-over type."


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    I sure hope the son doesn't get sued for using the hammer...
    I would be interested in finding out if there are any repurrcutions (sp?) (It wasn't self-defense)...


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    You're right and the DA may bring charges. They'd have to find a Texas jury willing to convict though! LOL

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    Aint that the gospel Jeanna!!
    That is one thang I will give TX,
    vigilante justice still runs rampant, and sometimes I see it as "justified".

    And being the "hippie" I am today,
    I gotta say that this is one instance my talent in justifying what my thinker thinks comes in handy. John Lennon might call this Instant Karma and so would I. LOL.
    The source works in mysterious ways... and so do we... LOL

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