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    MD - Packages explode in Maryland & DC state buildings

    ANNAPOLIS, Md. Maryland officials say two packages have exploded in two government buildings in the state capital and another city.

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    (CNN) -- Small explosions at two Maryland state government office buildings left one person with minor injuries Thursday, a Maryland state government official with knowledge of the situation told CNN.

    Both buildings were evacuated.
    more at

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    Turns out they didn't explode, so much as let off a sulphur-y smoke (like a match does). So, could be a prank or just testing for security weaknesses. Glad no one got hurt!

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    DC~ Package ignites at post office



    Package ignites at Washington post office

    "An envelope or package ignited at a postal facility in Washington D.C. on Friday but no one was injured, police said, a day after two similar incidents in mailrooms in nearby Maryland.

    "There was an ignition of some envelope or package," said police spokesman Hugh Carew. "They evacuated the building, and we're investigating at this time."

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it was responding to the incident at a postal facility in the northeast of the capital...."

    More at link

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    I work for the State of Maryland where the two prior "devices" were delivered a day before. One was addressed to the governor and delivered to a state office building in Annapolis, and the other was to someone at MDOT in Hanover. Apparently the devices used a battery to ignite some sort of sulfurous substance, causing a brief flare-up and potential for minor burns, and while there has been speculation that the incendiary devices were meant to do more damage, but "fizzled" it seems unlikely that all three devices would fail, and that someone intending the packages to detonate would have bothered to put notes inside.

    The notes were, essentially, "rants" about the overhead highway signs that advise motorists to "report suspicious activity" and provide a phone number. These signs also are used to let motorists know of major accidents or delays ahead, to post Amber alerts, to remind travelers not to drink and drive (on holiday weekends) and, in some places, approximate distance and time to major highways.

    I work in the Baltimore City "State Office Complex" and our mailroom, as well as all others in state office buildings, were closed as soon as the first two devices surfaced, about 15 minutes apart. The two facilities were briefly evacuated. Other mailrooms were searched and two "suspicious" packages found in the Baltimore complex, but they turned out to be a toner cartridge and a laptop battery. Surprisingly (to me) I heard about this on the radio headed home on Thursday evening. There was no email to let the occupants of our building know what was happening as it unfolded, much less to warn ALL state employees to use caution in opening parcels. All the mailrooms re-opened Friday.

    The Maryland "bombs" were triggered when the packages were opened. The one in DC was tossed into a sorting bin and began to smoke.

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    These packages sound suspiciously like the packages that caused all the upset internationally a month or so ago.

    Could this be more sinister than someone objecting to the street signs? Is someone is testing? Or, did this guy get the idea from those packages?

    More questions.


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    not that this matters much in the grand scheme of things but I'm wondering what the person's issue is with the overhead signs? was it a taxpayer thing?

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