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    Haiti - Rapes of women and children in camps increasing

    Certainly not a new subject but it sounds as if things are getting increasingly worse. And it's been a full year since the quake. It's not just women either. What in the world is the answer?


    Women in Haiti’s squalid refugee camps face rampant rape

    "....According to a report from Amnesty International, precarious living conditions and a lack of security in and around the camps have left thousands of women and girls as young as two vulnerable to sexual predators. Many of these women lost their family and community connections in the quake along with all of their worldly possessions...."


    "...One widow named Guerline was forced to watch her 13-year-old daughter being gang raped by four men. "They told me that if I talked about it, they would kill me," she told researchers. "They said that if I went to the police, they would shoot me dead." That same night, Guerline was raped as well.

    The Commission of Women Victims for Victims, a women's group run by and for rape survivors from the poorest areas of Port-au-Prince, registered 230 cases of sexual assault in 15 camps during the five months after the Jan. 12 quake. There are over 500 camps in the Haitian capital...."


    "....Rape victims are also emotionally, spiritually and physically scarred by their attackers. Some become pregnant, suffer internal injuries or contract sexually transmitted diseases. Haiti has the highest infection rate for HIV in the Western hemisphere, with one in 50 people infected, The Associated Press reported...."

    More at link plus a video (lots of ideas and suggestions but action????)

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    Same situation in South Africa and many other areas. The internal injuries can be nasty too, it frequently ruptures the vaginal wall and the bladder and the women then "leak" forever (unless a surgeon can fix it).

    Keep in mind Haiti was "the jewel of the Caribbean", the single richest colony in the world when run by the French circa 1780's. The land is incredibly fertile, yet now days the people can't even manage to farm it and feed themselves.

    Haiti has serious problems and short of a foreign takeover, nothing is going to fix it.

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