Dennise Jeannette Sullivan

Non-Family Abduction from Moab, Utah since July 4, 1961

Age: 15 -- Height: 5'0" -- Weight: 90 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Brown

An acquaintance of Dennise's mother asked her family to go on vacation with him to Utah in the summer of 1961. They were driving in a remote area at Dead Horse Point, about 15 miles from Moab, Utah on July 4, 1961. They stopped their car to assist a man who said he was having car trouble. The man then threatened them with a .22 caliber rifle and demanded money. Dennise's mother threw $250 on the ground and began to walk away but the man shot her in the back of the head and shot her friend in the face twice. Dennise attempted to drive away in the friend's car, but the man followed her in his car, ran her off the road, and dragged her into his own car.

The prime suspect is Abel Benny Aragon. When the FBI stopped him for questioning, he shot himself in the head.

Foul play is strongly suspected, but Dennise remains missing.

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