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    Girl in Texas missing....

    She's 12 and was abducted by her stepfather and has been missing since last Saturday, just wanted to post something on it. G

    A man believed to have abducted his 12-year-old stepdaughter last week is likely armed with a pistol, Mesquite police announced Thursday in the first significant development since an Amber alert was issued for the missing girl.

    Police and the girl’s family members say they suspect James Hudachek, 28, fled with Jami Hicks on Friday evening while her mother was out of town at a softball tournament. A family member discovered they were missing Saturday morning; authorities issued the alert Tuesday morning.

    Sgt. Shannon Greenhaw said Thursday that a co-worker of Hudachek’s tipped police that he might have bought a gun. Mesquite police found the paperwork that led to the legal Aug. 20 purchase of the .45-caliber pistol, but not the weapon itself.

    “We do believe him to be armed with a firearm at this time. … He has the means to hurt Jami if that is his intention,” Greenhaw said, adding that people who believe they see the pair should not approach them, but call a new tip line at 972-216-4162.

    Based on the approximately 100 tips police have received, they believe that Hudachek and Jami are in Texas. The FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. Marshals are among the agencies assisting in the search, Greenhaw said.

    The girl’s mother, Angela Hudachek, has said her husband has been obsessed with her daughter for years.

    Mesquite P.D.
    Jami Hicks (left) is missing. Police said she could be with James Roy Hudachek. Family members discovered a letter addressed to the girl from James Hudachek in which he declares, “When I see your beautiful face, my heart will beat again. I can’t stop thinking about you” and “I told Yahuweh last night before your mom left, if I can’t have you, to kill me.”

    Hudachek is the pastor of The Door of Life Assembly of YHWH, a religion in which members refer to God as Yahuweh and worship on Saturdays. He and his wife started the ministry about nine months ago and claim about 20 members who worship at a small recreation center in Mesquite.

    Police said they believe Hudachek is driving a 2000 black, four-door Ford Focus with paper tags that expire Sept. 25 and a decal from J&J Auto Sales.

    Greenhaw noted that Hudachek bought the car without his wife’s knowledge, as well as a gun, and also cleaned out his home and church bank accounts.

    “There’s a lot of things that show that this was not a whim or a spur-of-the-moment decision for him,” she said.

    Angela Hudachek said reports of the gun purchase intensified her fears.

    “My first thoughts were that he was going to hurt her or himself,” she said. “He did it behind my back – another one of his lies. It’s a scary feeling, it really is. He’s been planning this longer than we thought. I fear for Jami. Anything’s possible now.”

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    Here is the thread

    Come join us in the missing forum, maybe you will recognize one and can reunite a family!

    Prayers for all missing, and justice for those harmed.
    With HOPE, Lanie
    Help For The Missing


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