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    NM - Strange Tale of Jim Sullivan, Santa Rosa, March 1975

    I recently ran across this fascinating article:

    "In March 1975, Jim mysteriously disappeared outside Santa Rosa, New Mexico. His VW bug was found abandoned, his motel room untouched. Some think he got lost in the desert. Some think he fell foul of a local family with alleged mafia ties. Some think he was abducted by aliens. "

    This case is not listed at The Charley Project or The Doe Network and I wonder why?????

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    Hi there Rosie - got page not found on that link. I did find this link however - it is very interesting - video at link .
    The Mysterious Case of Missing Singer-Songwriter Jim Sullivan: UFO Abductee or Something More Sinister? http://beforeitsnews.com/story/274/0..._Sinister.html

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    What UFO related activity was taking place in March of 1975 that would lead someone to think that Jim Sullivan was abducted by Aliens? Were there any other similar disappearances around that time?

    I was unable to open the links provided. Obviously a case of the men in black blocking those sites.
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    Jim Sullivan's Album (and a GOOD song) was titled UFO. I believe that's the source of the UFO reference.

    The link just above your post works for me. If it still doesn't for you, you can Google Jim Sullivan and the article comes up about the 7th link down.

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    Check this out on You Tube you can see his family and hear his music...

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