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    Benin - Kate Puzey, 24, Peace Corps volunteer, murdered, Badjoude, 11 March 2009

    Parents of Slain Volunteer Say Peace Corps Error Led to Murder

    Anonymous Whistleblower's Name Revealed to Suspect Accused of Sexually Abusing Children

    Jan. 14, 2011

    The family of a 24-year old Peace Corps volunteer from Atlanta, Kate Puzey, says agency personnel set her up to be murdered by revealing her role in the dismissal of an employee she accused of sexually abusing children at a school in the African country of Benin.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<full story and videos at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    A 20/20 investigation...........................


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    I saw that tonight on 20/20. Let me tell you after I listened to the other girls who told of being raped and no support from the Peace Corp and the murder of Kate I'm furious that all this has been covered up. That is all the Peace Corp did was cover up and one girl said they tried to tell her it was her fault that she had been gang raped after she reported a gang of hoodlums following her around. Unbelievable!

    I was not impressed with the PC's Deputy Director either.
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    Back in 1976, Peace Corps member Deborah Gardner was stabbed to death by Dennis Priven, a fellow member.

    Guess who the Peace Corps pulled out all the stops to defend?


    Some 35 years later and they are still putting the reputation of the Peace Corps before the safety of their volunteers.

    "I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."
    -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    March 16, 2009
    In Memorium: Catherine "Kate" Puzey

    We were saddened on late Friday to learn of the death of 24-year-old Peace Corps Volunteer Catherine "Kate" Puzey, who was found outside of her home in Benin early Thursday.

    Kate Puzey, a Georgia native and a graduate of William and Mary College, had been teaching English since July 2007 in the rural village of Badjoude, approximately six hours north of the capital city of Cotonou.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<more at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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    Peace Corps Turns 50

    Peace Corps Turns 50 Amid Charges of Rape, Murder and Cover-Up

    On the night of March 11, 2009, a 24-year-old Peace Corps volunteer named Kate Puzey was tied up and knifed on the front porch of her house in West Africa. Her throat was cut. She was killed the way you would slaughter a goat, Puzey's cousin told ABC's "20/20" in a Jan. 15 broadcast. Kate Puzey was the 23rd volunteer to be murdered in Peace Corps history.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<full article at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.


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