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    TX - Big Spring, Male Skull, 50-60, in plastic bag in junked car, Dec'10


    Sheriff Stan Parker said Friday the skull is human, but more telling details ó age, sex, race ó will come once anthropologists examine the remains.
    Missing Persons from Big Spring:

    William Arlin Bynum (2003)


    Thomas Steven Blake (1987)


    Russell Earl Gray (1986)


    Mark Allen Merritt (1982)

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    That's odd, the article omitted the information about where the skull was found: in a plastic bag in the trunk of a junked car.


    In the last paragraph of the first article I linked to, it's said that the Sheriff's Office wouldn't say whether they knew who owned the car before it ended up at the scrapyard. Surely the vehicle's title must have changed hands when it was junked, so I suspect if they didn't know then, they must know by now who owned the car.
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    the skull belonged to a man. other than that, authorities have little to say:


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    About 3-4 years ago, my son and his brother-in-law found this same skull. He and his brother-in law had gone to look at a house. The owners had moved to Mexico of all places, and the neighbors showed them the house. The neighbors child was there and I can't remember now if my son told me the child found it or he found it. The skull was in a paper bag, wrapped in newspaper, under the bathroom sink and it had a swastika carved into it's forehead. My son came home that day and told me about what had happened. I told him that day to go to the police. He told me he had.
    Then the skull was found again in the trunk of the car. The car belongs to my daughter-in-laws sister. My daughter-in-law told me that her sister had been contacted about it. Later that day my son told me and I found then that he had never gone to the police. His brother-in-law had wanted to keep the skull and had talked my son into keeping quiet about it. I told him again to go to the police which he did that day and told them everything that he knew.
    I sure wish it didn't take so long to find out who it belonged to.

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    The car was still in my daughter-in-law's sister's name from what I understand, when the skull was found for the second time. My son said she didn't know that her brother had put it in the trunk of her car. In my son's words, the reason his brother-in-law kept the skull is because he likes weird things like that. He is wiccan or something like that. At the time it was found in the car, he had moved out of state.

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    I got something wrong, as usual. The swastika wasn't carved, it was drawn on with a red pen.

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    TexasGiGi did you ever hear any more about this? Can't find an update or skull listed anywhere.

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