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    Nancy Grace feature on Lindsay Baum tonight

    Letting everyone know to tune into night at 9PM eastern for Nancy's new show as she is going to be covering Lindsay on it.


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    Thanks for posting!!! The button wasn't enough

    Born out of the Stacey Peterson case, the E.A.A. was created to insure that the victimís words about her fears and previous violence will not disappear if she does.
    Please share with anyone you know suffering in a violent relationship
    Never Forget ~ In Memory Of Susan-Murphy Milano ~ October 28th 2012

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    WOW!!! They just said that there is a possible break in the case. Also mentioned a POI in the case. Right now she's talking about a NC boy, I think she is going to switch to Lindsay in a few minutes.

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    Watching the show!

    I pray this brings a new lead!

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    I don't remember seeing some of those pictures of Lindsey before. My gosh, I can't believe all this time has gone by and this precious child hasn't been found.

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    561 days....
    Just my, no one elses

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    Sometimes I wonder if someone didn't kidnap her and take her to another state and she is alive out there. I don't know why that comes to mind. Perhaps if that's the case, she'll see a show like this because her captor let's their guard down and when she sees people are still looking for her, she'll find a way to escape.

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    TY for posting about the show.

    Poor sweet Lindsey. We have to find her.
    The World Has Gone Mad.

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    I remember the day she was reported missing. I like many of you for whatever reason just loved this little girl. No child should disappear while walking home from a friends home.....or anywhere else.

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    It is very much daylight in the NW after 9PM. Our town is way south and we can't start fireworks until after 10PM each July. When Lindsey went missing, the day was even longer than on July 4th.

    It's unreal that she disappeared without a trace.

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    Lindsey's mom has sure come a long way. Bless her heart

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    I don't like that all the callers NG is putting through want to know why Lindsay was walking alone...it was a matter of blocks, in a tiny town, in daylight...of course her mom has beat herself up constantly since, but I am not seeing the huge negligence here. A 10-year usually can walk a few blocks, I see little kids walking on my street all the time, which is suburban, but in a large city. Maybe it is not a great idea, but Lindsay should have been okay...

    And besides, that is not going to help now...
    Just my opinion, of course.

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    What's this about the SO getting donuts and he's diabetic and he was getting them for the "children"???

    I haven't been keeping up with Lindsey lately, obviously!

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    Amazing that Nancy has brought Lindsey back to the top, this is the sort of thing that may break a cold case. My applause to Nancy, I really had lost hope in this case. Frankly, I am both amazed and delighted that the media has recaptured the essence of Lindsey's tragedy.

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    Good to see you again Normcar! Long time.........way too long. We should be celebrating a miracle that Lindsey has been found alive instead of gathering because she's now a cold case.

    I wasn't even a moderator yet when Lindsey went missing and we used to gather daily for news.

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