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    UK - 4 children dead in possible arson fire in a Derbyshire village

    It's not known yet what caused the fire: rumors of threats abound, but the house had recently had work done which may have been responsible; the children's mother was the lone occupant to survive. Quite sad no matter what is found to be the cause:

    Four children die in Derbyshire house fire

    Four children, all aged under 10, have died in a house fire in a Derbyshire village. They were two girls, aged two and six, and two boys, four and nine.
    Their mother, Rachel Henson, 45, is being treated in hospital for smoke inhalation.
    Henson was said to have escaped and then tried, unsuccessfully, to get back into the house to rescue her children.
    Their mother, who runs Boyz, a barber's shop in Ashbourne, had recently had work carried out on the central heating of the house, which involved metal pipes being inserted into the chimney, a neighbour said.
    Rumours were circulating locally that the family had been subjected to threats. An investigation was under way into what had caused the fire. Firefighters said they had an open mind as to whether it had been started deliberately.
    "We are aware of many rumours circulating at the moment. We have no evidence of such threats," said Chief Superintendent Peter Lewis, of Derbyshire police, adding they were investigating such claims.
    much more at Guardian link above

    Mother's agony as all her children, aged under 10, die in house fire which 'may have been started deliberately'

    Aleisha Henson, aged six, and Tommy Henson, nine, perished with their two-year-old sister and four-year-old brother.

    Aleisha's body was found inside the house, along with her younger brother, after the blaze ripped through their home in the village of Hulland Ward, near Ashbourne, Derbyshire.
    Police have refused to rule out the possibility that the fire could have been started deliberately, following rumours that threats had been made to torch the property in the days before the tragedy.
    [A neighbor, Stewart Holmes said] 'I hope Rachel gets better - but I don't know how she will cope without the kids, she loved them so much.'
    much more, including pictures, at Daily Mail link above
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    The story is very tragic. They haven't told her that her children are dead. She's going to go through hell once she finds out. This is awful.

    I'm not sure why or how she managed to get out the burning building on her own, leaving her kids inside. Obviously she was startled.

    Apparantly the mother was threatened. They're still looking into how the fire could've started.

    Please can someone update soon if more of it comes out?

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    The mother has been released from hospital and the fire cause is still not known.


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    Article from The Sun contains little new in the way of news, but does feature a picture of the four children.

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    A fire which killed four children in Derbyshire was probably caused by a spark from an open fire.


    So sad... no smoke alarms according to link, please have smoke alarms in your homes.

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    That poor mother. Those poor little darlings. Such a sad thing. To lose them all in one fell swoop. I cannot imagine the devastation.
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    "Now I have a reason to live again": Baby joy for mum who lost four children in fire

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    Truly Sad.

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    Welcome to WS, ladyluckbailbonds.

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