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    WI - Jason Grau, 17, stabbed to death, Chippewa Falls, 22 Feb 2010

    Here is a case from my area, i just got the video sent to me today from his first court appearance and couldnt see any threads so far, so here is some of the upload.


    "Grau’s mother, Jennifer, says she believes Hawkins used reverse psychology during his testimony on Monday. He repeatedly told the jury, "You're not going to believe what I say," and even said that a higher power wanted him to go to jail.

    Hawkins told the court that he was the first baby born in heaven 1,200 eternities ago, and that he heard voices telling him it was his responsibility to kill someone.

    “I needed to pick somebody to kill, so I picked somebody that I didn't like that much,” Hawkins told the court. He says, later, he realized that those voices lied.

    “It sounded like a backward church ceremony that came out of a video game,” Jennifer Grau said when we asked her about Hawkins’ testimony.

    She also says she collapsed after hearing some details of her son's murder earlier on Monday.

    “He's not stupid, he's not crazy,” she said. “I mean, anyone who kills someone has mental issues, but it doesn't mean that they need to be in a mental hospital.”

    Here is his testimony


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    Bumping for updates? I just think its interesting how similar this lunatic is to the pentagon shooter and Jared Loughner. I understand no crazy ideas on money but i know at least a handful of people who have spent time with him to say he is either planning on playing crazy, or he snapped just 2-3 months prior to the murder.

    I cannot imagine being in a courtroom having someone explain how the voices in his head told him he wouldnt get caught, so he was "very surprised when i got caught"

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    From April 2011:


    Chippewa County Judge Roderick Cameron sentenced [Shane] Hawkins to the mandatory life in prison, but allowed Hawkins to become eligible for parole after 20 years. Whether Hawkins is released then, or at any time after that, will be up to a parole board.

    Hawkins, 31, was convicted in January for the February 2010 murder of the 17-year-old Grau.

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    Unfortunately Jason's sister also recently passed away.


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