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    NY - Rapist David Bradt used FB to lure victims

    A pyramid scheme to prey on children:


    U.S. rapist used Facebook to meet young victims: police

    "A New York man described by police as a sexual predator who used Facebook to meet his victims pleaded guilty Wednesday to raping four underage girls.

    David Bradt, 24, of Colonie, in northern New York state, who faces 12 years in prison, used the popular social networking site to try to lure hundreds of girls into encounters, police said. "He was using Facebook as a means to meet underage girls," Colonie Police Lt. Robert Winn said. "He was providing them with marijuana and soliciting them for sex as well."

    Winn said Bradt connected with girls on Facebook through a type of pyramid scheme. "He started off by gaining one friendship with a girl," Winn said. "Then he had access to her friend page and requested to be friends with all friends, using her as a reference point...."

    more at link

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    This is yet another example of why IMO children and teens have no business with unsupervised computer time. Period.
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