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    WA - 15 yr. old girl escapes kidnapper by screaming and biting

    What a smart young lady. She wasn't going anywhere and finger bites hurt like heck. Good!! There's a statement that the victim thinks that the kidnapper might have entered the passenger door so they are wondering if there's an accomplice. This could be trafficking. They will stop at nothing and she's the exact age they are looking for.


    Lakewood kidnapping incidents may be connected, says police

    "LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- Lakewood Police are investigating whether an attempted kidnapping that occurred last week is connected to one that happened in November.

    Last Friday, at 4:20 p.m., a 15-year-old girl was walking along Woodbrook Drive when a man jumped out at her from behind bushes and tried to grab her. "She was yelling, screaming, trying to get someone to hear her," said Chris Lawler with the Lakewood Police Department. "She was smart she bit him, and was able to get a few good bite marks on his finger."

    Police say on November 14 a girl was attacked in the same area around the same time of day.

    In Friday's incident, the teen ran away and called 911 from a cell phone, and watched as police said he got into a Honda Civic or Toyota Camry-type vehicle with dark tinted windows...."


    "...The suspect is described as a black man with a large build, between 20 and 30-years-old, 6-feet to 6-feet 2-inches, with a thin mustache. He was wearing a black skull cap, a black hooded sweatshirt, dark blue jeans and dark shoes..."

    more at link

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    In the Lindsay Baum case I found SEVERAL attempted abductions of females that at least appeared to be in their mid teens around the time she disappeared. The perp descriptions varied, several involved multiple people in the attempt.

    Since I was searching for stuff on Lindsay at the time I started looking for similar things within an easy drive of McCleary. If you use Olympia as ground zero, McCleary is about forty minutes one way from Olympia, Lakewood is about 40 minutes up I5 from Olympia.

    I live here and couldn't believe how many I found at the time. Had never heard a word about it. I sent a list of what I found in different jurisdictions to a reporter of course nothing came from it. Not even a casual observation article saying there may be no connection but while we think cases like Lindsay are rare look at all these abduction attempts in the last six months. These are just the ones that made the papers. How many were reported that didn't make the papers. How many weren't reported. How many of our fifteen year old "runaways" from the area were successfully abducted or lured away?

    I still firmly believe the geography says if it is a trafficking issue Olympia is their home stomping ground. One of the attempts was in downtown Olympia in broad daylight, tried to snatch her right off the street. Fortunately the girl was so close to moms office she managed to get away. One of the others was broad daylight, two men if I recall correctly, the woman looked very young but was a actually nineteen or twenty. Put up a hell of a fight and go hold of a chainlink fence, screamed her head off until they decided it was time to bail on this attempt.

    The only thing I can figure is reporters don't do investigative pieces anymore, just report what has happened on any given day. Or because Lindsay was ten and therefore didn't fit this pattern. I think she looked old enough for someone to think she was right in that demographic. And of course no one ever acknowledge there might be a pattern, so it probably never go to that level of thought.

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    impatientredhead--That's terrifying. I'd honestly try another reporter. When I worked with the Polaris Project in trying to find our daughter, who was trafficked, they specifically told me that local authorities needed more training in how to alert the public. There was an article which ran when our daughter went missing but trafficking was not mentioned. It's extremely important, in my opinion, that the general public (and parents!!!) realize the very real risk that their teens (boys too) are in. WSers are just learning of this crime. The general public knows very very little about it. I'm wondering if your local Children's Advocacy Center might be able to put to put some pressure on the local media to shine a light on this.

    You are on the I-5 corridor and I believe that there's a casino or two nearby, isn't there? While our daughter was gone, the police ran a check on her phone calls and they came in from Seattle down to Sacramento. We're in Ashland. Many many calls were made at or near casinos. After the article ran, she was returned home a week later, only to leave again. We have not seen or heard from her (only via hospital bills) for almost three years now. She's considered an endangered adult due to her intellectual disability but I've had to accept the fact that most likely, we will not see our girl again.

    I'd also suggest a call to the Polaris Project hotline. They are tremendously helpful and take every call very seriously.


    And here's a piece I found about human trafficking in Washington state. Looks like you guys were the very first to criminalize it. That's something to be proud of. There might be some people on this site who would be willing to take some action about the newest developments:


    There's discussion of a "human trafficking activism explosion". Well, where is it right now as children are being plucked off the street? And here's a link to the Washington Anti-trafficking Response Network.


    Please keep us posted as to what you learn. It concerns me greatly as I have a young lady out on those streets. Thank you so much for trying to get the word out there.

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    Oh dear Lord that's scarry.

    There was a guy on that interior designers show the other day. Nate whatever his name is. Anyway the guy wrote a book about the trafficking of children in Nepal. My mom was shocked when I blurted out "Nepal? How about in the good old USA, Mister?" I'd have been shocked too if not for Mizz Izzy filling me in.

    Good lookout for this little girl. She must have been frightened to death.

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    I feel so bad for you and your family and of course for your daughter. It is devastating to even think of . I am so sorry.

    I am wondering, with the information you have seen on this underground trafficking, do you think that a child as young as Kyron could have been taken in?

    I know they take teen boys as well as girls. But do they take young children in as well?

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    Children of all ages, from infants up to women in their 30's, from what I have seen online and other places.

    Where there is a demand they will create a supply. Due to the sickness in this world, any person could be in demand at any point in time.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    The trailer to that documentary was eyeopening, and terrifying.

    Thank you for posting it, but I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight.....

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    I've said this so many times but I sure don't mind repeating it. Please talk to your family, neighbors, schools, and children about this crime. Raise awareness. No one is immune. The traffickers are not just after the vulnerable and physically attractive children. They are the original equal opportunity employers. NMKs is right, they'll snatch anyone. We've almost come full circle. For years we cautioned children about the man in the trenchcoat on the corner. Then we learned that child abuse was far more apt to happen close to home, school, camp or church. Now, we've had to circle back around and include that scary guy on the corner as he's the trafficker. They don't look scary. They are usually well-groomed young men driving nice cars and weasel their way close to the girls to schmooze them. Once the girl's guard is down, they're gone. Many of us can remember how flattering and slightly dangerous and naughty it felt to be flirted with by an older guy. I totally understand how these girls fall prey. Here they've just gotten in a fight with Mom about the state of their bedroom, been yelled at by Dad about their cell phone bill and their science paper is two days late. A handsome man drives up in a newer BMW or Mercedes and compliments and flirts and commiserates. Thinking like a teen, it all makes perfect sense.

    There have been a number of very fine documentaries done but I'm very hopeful that some younger musicians, athletes, or celebrities will take up this cause. Children tune out authority figures but might listen to a revered celebrity. I'm sick to death of school officials saying that they don't want to frighten children. We frighten them about HIV and huffing, why not trafficking? It's a real and constant danger which has come right onto our hometown main streets.

    As far as I know, many more young girls are trafficked in the US than boys. I always include the issue of boys as I know personally of an attempt at trafficking a young male teen. Had the young man not known exactly what was going on, he might have fallen into the trap.

    Often, other young girls/teens are used as procurers to get close to the prey. That breaks through the fear factor. Then the pimp takes up the role of the "protector" and boyfriend. All ID and personal effects are taken away and the children are quickly branded with a pimp's name. After all, the child now "belongs" to him. Relatively few are actual kidnappings straight from the street. Far more involve a period of grooming, just like with any pedophile. Once the young person has turned a trick, that is used against them to shame them. They are warned that they can be arrested and that their family will find out. It's awful.

    As for Kyron, anything is possible. I live in Oregon and have followed his case. That's not the sense I get but I could be wrong. Most often children are snagged when they are away from the safety of their family. This might shock some but I have reason to believe that there are some aids and support staff who work in middle schools and high schools as "spotters". My guess is that these people have a drug habit or owe a debt and so betray the children. Just a strong suspicion that I harbor.

    As it stands, the penalties for trafficking are so low and the possibility of making huge amounts of cash so high, that there's no hope of slowing this train down yet. When the FBI told me that many of these children are expected to turn between 10-20 tricks a day or risk severe beatings, it just made me sick. And so often, after the young person has reached the end of their career--typically 3-4 years--they are offered drugs to get them hooked or outright killed and dumped.

    Also please open up a dialogue with your teens about the lyrics of many popular songs. The lyrics to almost every song are available online. Show them to your teen and discuss what some of the themes are about. It's hard at first but they'll understand that you're paying attention. It will make them think, even if they would never admit it.

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    The face of a procurer:


    Ms. Hayden didn't look like this until she was physically stopped during a recent murder attempt. No, she was quite the pretty young thing around town, buying our daughter CDs and sexy clothes and asking us politely if our daughter could accompany her to go shopping. Within a span of a couple of weeks, our daughter was gone. With two parents, several special ed teachers, two case managers, and a transition specialist closely supervising her. The day before she left, we held an "all-team" meeting about safety issues. Our daughter attended and cried her eyes out every time one of her caseworkers would call her on a lie. We knew then that something ominous was about to happen.

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