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    MO - Jennifer Barden, 9, Gallatin, 1 May 1982

    Browsing old Missouri newspapers I read about the kidnapping of Jennifer Barden from Gallatin in 1982. It is unclear from the newspapers if her body was ever found. It was widely considered she was kidnapped and killed by an escaped rapist, Billy D. Wilson. He was shot to death some days following the kidnapping. Moreover, a skull was found in 1984. It was first considered to be Barden's, but it was ruled out by an anthropologist (unclear why). Does anyone know if those cases were ever solved? Barden doesn't appear on missing person web sites. No unidentified remains match the skull.

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to Websleuths, Madea2

    CourtTV did a dramatization for Jennifer's case in 2006. Her body was never found but she was presumed murdered. Tests on the child's skull found by mushroom hunters were inconclusive. More at link:


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    30 Years ago...

    In a few days, this case will be 30 years old. Has anyone seen any other summaries or updates?

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    I've spent a couple of hours researching this and a couple of other cases, and can't find anything current about Jennifer Barden.

    Since her skull was identified and LE thinks the killer was later shot and killed while burglarizing a home, I guess there isn't much current interest in this poor little girl.

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    I just watched a show on psychic detectives on this case, apparently one was used during the search for Jennifer.

    Jennifer's mother sued the sheriffs department for negligence in letting the two prisoners escape (Billy Wilson had been recently sentenced to life in prison for rape, but escaped with Roy Hill). The jury awarded her $1.5 million but it was overturned on appeal.


    While on the run, Billy Wilson did end up with a bullet between the eyes while burglarizing a house, so he never did have to go to prison. Roy Hill was captured but I don't know of his fate.

    Interestingly, I found that Jennifer's mother was charged with murdering her 5th husband-


    although this has no bearing on Jennifer's case.

    Rest in peace sweetheart, you haven't been forgotten...

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