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    PA Mom Arrested For Letting Sex Offender Live With Her and Her Kids

    Another eye on parenting in Upstate Pennsylvania.

    Nicole Kovacic got locked up on child endangerment charges when it was found she had a known sex offender living in her home with her three children. Way to go, Nicole.

    Scott Kochis was found hiding behind a pile of laundry in Kovacic's home. LE was looking for him because he gave his registered addy as his parents who had moved.

    Be prepared to get really PO'd. Kochis pleaded guilty to molesting a 9 year old girl in September so he was ordered to register as a sex offender.

    Am I missing something here? Guilty. You're a grown man. Molested a 9 year old. Register. Couldn't even do that.


    Somewhere I saw an article about the grandmom not stopping until these kids were safe. I'll look for it.

    Here's the link about Grandmom. I didn't get a chance to read it, but looks like she may have tipped off the police.

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    Woohoo Grandmother Clifford. So this perv got probation (strike 1) and registered as a Sex Offender using a bad address (strike 2) then she had to repeatedly contact Probation and/or LE to get him out (strike 3)...Thank God they are both in jail. Please God keep her children safe for the rest of their childhood.

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