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    PA - Mom Throws Boy Out Shoeless In Snow

    Dang, even Roethlisberger is cold in Pittsburgh as far as the single digit temps are concerned. You throw a kid out shoeless? In the snow?

    Police were alerted about 2:30AM that a child was walking around shoeless and coatless in the frigid weather. The 12 year old boy explained to police his mother, Camella Cosby came home from a night out. She yelled at him. She kicked him out into the snow.

    Cosby was held on child endangerment charges and social services took the boy and a sibling.

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    Sure hope her "night out" was "worth it"! Likely intoxicated...

    Poor excuse for a parent!!!!!!!!
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    I learned long ago to lock up or hide shoes when a child was looking like they might run. I had to make sure to remove all the larger shoes too as they would have shuffled away. It always worked as not many kids want to freeze their toes off. We've had a few go and stand out front for a few minutes as they considered their options. The heated house always won out.

    But we were watching carefully and were sober. We were merely trying to prevent a child from putting themselves in danger.

    Shame on this woman. That little guy could have lost a toe or two. Not OK at all. Hopefully, he'll get a safe and caring place to stay while mom decides whether to clean up her act or not.

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    so then she sent her 7 yo out to look for him at 2:30 in the morning...

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    I have nothing that I can say to this one that would be within TOS
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    Nope, tlcox, me neither. Not a single thing, except that I hope child services realizes that parenting classes can't fix stupid and they need to keep the kids away from this woman. Child endangerment is an understatement.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    You know, a young man dear to my heart--I consider him an honorary adoptee--is the son of a raging alcoholic. This woman has raised the most incredible children...despite every poor choice imaginable. The children were prenatally exposed, raised in poverty, exposed to domestic violence, and were physically abused/punished. Each and every one has turned into an incredible and highly successful adult.

    We were there for two of them and other community members stepped up for another. The mother, bless her heart, adores her children but has a raging addiction. The children care for her now and continuously support her in seeking treatment. I know that DHS kept a close eye on her for years.

    This story is what holds me back from saying, "Pull that child!!". Our son loves his mother but he knows her limitations. When he received an incredible scholarship for his Masters Degree, he invited both his mother and me to the special banquet. She was drunk, as usual, but proud. Together, we celebrated our wonderful son. He's now getting his PhD....after being a special ed student, throughout his public school years--due to his exposure. My husband is the only father he's ever known and I've loved him since he was 12 but his love for his mother is an awesome thing to watch. Sometimes, the love between mothers and their children defy all the rules we know.

    I guess the moral of this story is that DHS cannot possibly take custody of every child at risk. Look around you and pay attention to the children who need your help and support. Don't be afraid to stick your neck out. Every tiny bit of help can change a life.
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    Nothing like getting obliterated and sending your 12-year-old out barefoot in zero-degree temperatures for not doing chores...at 2:30 in the morning. And then sending the 7-year-old after him.

    Because as we all know, there couldn't be anything better for them to do in the middle of a school night than chores...or wandering around in the cold alone. The Mother Of the Year Award is in the mail.

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    Well perhaps she needs to be put in a walkin freezer with no shoes or coat for awhile !
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