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    OR - Tragic legacy of Gov. Goldschmidt and his sexual abuse of a child

    May this woman finally find some peace. Her innocence was stolen and she never recovered. Bless her.


    Neil Goldschmidt's sex-abuse victim tells of the relationship that damaged her life

    Note: Margie Boulé, then a columnist for The Oregonian, interviewed the victim of Neil Goldschmidt multiple times over many months after the scandal involving his sex abuse of a teenage girl became public in 2004. Boulé and the victim agreed the story would not be published until the victim was ready.....Last month she died of undisclosed causes in a Portland hospice. Willamette Week published her name Monday online. The Oregonian's editors decided to publish her story but honored her most-recent request in her last discussion of the issue with Boulé -- that her name not be used, as is our custom with sex-abuse victims.

    "She was emaciated and looked far older than her 42 years. Her hair was thin, her eyes sunken. Her hands shook; occasionally, her whole body shook. But she appeared intelligent, well-spoken and quick-witted. She seemed kind. I was at my desk at The Oregonian, where I was working as a columnist in 2004, when the call came that would lead me to Neil Goldschmidt's victim....."


    "....In a statement released Monday, Goldschmidt said, "Although I am unaware of the exact nature of the article The Oregonian plans to publish, I was presented with a list of accusations that vary substantially from the truth. Sadly, it appears that much of her account is fabricated and I can only speculate as to her reasons."

    She knew some people would believe him , not her. They'd believe she was a "mature 14," that it lasted "nine months," that it was an "affair."

    She was asking people to consider another possibility. "He can deny all he wants to," she said. "But I know the truth......"

    more at link

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    I do this with reverence to the suffering that this woman has undergone. Now, she finally has a face for me. I've worried about her for years. Now I can picture her and understand more fully. I respect the Oregonian's stance but I also fully support the Willamette Week in their choice to give Oregonians the name of the woman whom our elected official essentially killed by destroying her spirit. And at the hands of man who espoused "family values". Hmmm. Shame. Shame. Shame.


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    RIP Elizabeth, I understand and know your pain. I wish you would have been able to overcome this, but now everyone knows your story.

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    I'm glad I read the article because it changed my initial reaction. There are a lot of women out there who claim some prominent politician raped them or had sex with them when they were underage. This thing appears well documented and he has admitted to it.
    Goldschmidt is just one of many, from all parts of the political spectrum who use their power to prey on innocents. We have had presidents and I do not just mean Clinton, who have done the same. Usually they get away with it. Very sad.
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    I hope she finds the peace in death she could never find in life.
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    Snick--Gov. Goldschmidt's victim has been common knowledge in Oregon since the Willamette Week broke her story years ago. We just haven't known the woman's name. He admitted to an "affair" which earned him a blistering response from children's advocates (me included) across the state. He has minimized and rationalized from moment one. He's always, IMO, considered himself a victim of "the circumstances". I truly wonder what is in the man's heart tonight. She can't have been the only one.

    You are correct in that men (and women) in power have a long history of this type of misuse of power--the abuse of a child. Not long ago, one of those men received a standing ovation (yes!!) for his admission of a "indiscretion". Most leapt to their feet to support Utah Rep. Kevin Garn and his family "in their darkest hour", not giving a single thought to pain of the young teen he had abused. Posters rallied around talking about the good that Garn had done and that "incidents" as old as this must be forgiven. Same thing happened here in Oregon with Goldschmidt. After all, Goldschmidt ran on a platform of strong family values.

    As the suicide today, of David Jarboe, in front of the Kentucky Catholic church proves, the abused don't forget.

    Same playbook...over and over and over.

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