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    OR~LE & school delay parent notification of sex assault during lunch hour for 12 days

    As a parent, I'm not happy with this approach. How do other parents feel? Do you want to made aware or do you think it's too frightening, until all the details are in? Personally, I think knowledge is power. Awareness keeps children safe.

    When our children were assaulted at their school (and in our yard and the neighbor's yard), no info was given out to other parents. That didn't go over well when parents and teachers started noticing that eight children from one family were missing from class for over a week (for their interviews). After several weeks of hush-hush and no formal letter or notice, an informational meeting was finally held. But we were asked not to attend....to only provide an agenda of concerns we'd like others to know about. We were cautioned not to overly frighten other families.

    Being that this was a high school student, I have to wonder if this was a possible trafficking situation. My prayers go out to the young student.

    As I said, I'm not happy.


    Trying to balance public's right to know and investigation, Portland police hold information about sex assault near school for 12 days

    "Nearly two weeks ago, a student at David Douglas High School in outer Southeast Portland was forced into a car by a stranger and sexually assaulted. The attack occurred during the school's lunchtime and in the same block as the school, located at 1001 S.E. 135th Ave.

    But it was not until Wednesday that Portland Police and the David Douglas High School told anyone about the Jan. 21 attack...."


    "....Police defended the decision to delay alerting the public. Victims under age 18 are interviewed in the presence of a representative of a child-abuse nonprofit, which can take time to schedule..."


    "...But police are also trying to balance alerting the public with preserving an investigation. Police also don't want to needlessly scare the public with information that is incomplete or about a report that hasn't been substantiated, he said. There is no reason to believe the assault did not occur, however...."


    "....The police also asked David Douglas High School to not immediately alert parents. The school issued a letter about the attack on Wednesday and advised parents that they might want to go over "common safety precautions"...."

    more at link (plus police sketch)

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    I agree partially with the school district but as a parent, I don't think it would have hurt to send something home, telling parents that there had been an incident and that it was imperative that parents speak to their children about not leaving school campus at lunch and that those that were capable pick up their kids or get them on a bus route. Simply state that there was an incident of some concern and that more info would be released as it came available.

    No need whatsoever to release details or reveal the victims identity at all, but still enough to alert people to the need for increased vigilance.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    um, yeah, I am with you izzy, knowledge is power. As a parent, had this happened right near my children's school, I would be livid if I had not been made aware of this very real danger for 12 days!
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