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    Landfill searches

    What happened at the landfill searches? Remember when it was reported that evidence was found there?


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    Colorado City Manager Pete Kampfer, who has served as a police spokesman in the case, declined to elaborate about what had been found during a recent search of the landfill in Abilene, about 70 miles east of Colorado City, where Hailey Darlene Dunn was reported missing Dec. 28.

    "It's a sensitive part of the investigation," Kampfer said. "The cadaver dogs did hit on items at the landfill."

    He said landfills in Colorado City and nearby Snyder also have been searched, but that investigators have not given up on bringing Hailey home unharmed.


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    Search expanded to Abilene Landfill (with picture)

    Nancy Grace Transcript 10-20-2011


    GRACE: Now, Tracy, you`re saying cadaver dogs, cadaver dogs specifically. And maybe other kind of dogs, too, but cadaver dogs will hit on items that have human -- I don`t want to say waste -- but human tissue or DNA on them. It could be blood, saliva, decomposition, any of that.

    SARGENT: Yes, ma`am. And although the common terminology that is more well-known is cadaver dogs, the terminology of human remains, detection dogs is really the more accurate description of what these dogs do.

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