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    CO - Camille Jackson, 21, murdered in her Aurora home, 3 Feb 2010


    There was no answer, but police say the faint crying of an infant could be heard from the door. Officers forced their way in and say they found the woman dead and her infant child alive in the apartment.
    So sad -- local news saying this young mother was likely murdered Thursday night. Her 8 mo old baby girl was found Saturday night with the dead mom--
    100 years from now, it won't matter what kind of car you drove or how big your house was. What will matter is that you were important in the eyes of a child.

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    Poor baby!

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    At least she made it and she is not missing like so many other babies. I hope that there is no residual effect, and that she is able to find a place in the world with people that love her. She deserves that much, and if her mother was good to her, she would want that for her little one. It sounds as if there is hope of placing her with family and hopefully, they will keep her mothers memory alive for her.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    RIP Camille.

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    Oh, this rips my heart out! Nothing brings me closer to tears than stories of small children left alone with a parent who has died in the home. The abject fear and confusion they must feel. Not to mention being cold/wet and hungry, with babies who can't fend for themselves. I hope this little one is young enough to heal and live a relatively peaceful life someday.

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