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    MD - Peeping Tom Did Way More Than Peeping

    Charles Dean Novak aged 35 was caught sitting in a woman's car and she called the police.

    Novak was chalked up as a "Peeping Tom" when he was found to have video on a camera of naked people who were unaware they were being filmed. Uhhhhh, yeah I'd say it's a good indication the guy is a pervert.

    After police searched his home they found a pair of girl's underware in a bag with a girls name on them. After finding photographs of the same girl it was concluded creepy had been in the family home without permission.

    This guy had photographed another female as well. There's talk of having laws changed in regards to this "Peeping Tom" offense as these people are scarry as heck. JMO. It always seems to lead to so much more than just some guy looking at somebody without them knowing.


    Mugshot at link. Novak is up on 21 charges including burglary, and theft.

    This is an earlier link and discusses the need for a change in laws. After being arrested this guy was permitted back out but confined to his parents home. Meanwhile LE had to go through thousands of home videos this creeper shot without the knowledge of the people in them.

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