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    Overwhelming Evidence for Jury - As of Feb 2011

    As we enter the year 2011 which, by all accounts, in July of 2008 was a light year away for most people, we now have 2 years, 4 months and blah blah blah days worth of evidence revealed to us. It's quite overwhelming.

    In six to eight weeks, one cannot garner a true picture of what we've all been privy to all this time, and certainly the defense is counting on that or the Motions to disclude evidence would not have been filed, of course.

    So let's boil it down. What do you think SHOULD be included, and what do you think should NOT be included, in terms of saving time and getting to the point?

    Let's take into account some basics:

    31 days
    Party Pictures
    Diary of Days
    Cindy's Lies


    Give me your 5 or 10 most wanted items that would lead to either a conviction, or an acquittal (your choice, no judgment made).

    Disclaimer -- This is not a poll, nor a scientific collection of fact, just asking for quick thoughts, and if it's a totally stupid thread, I apologize in advance. I just love the human part of this website and love to read your passions and thoughts.

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    The walk down the hall at Universal
    Caseys lies
    The "smell of a dead body in the trunk"
    31 days
    Caseys excuses time after time as to why Cindy could not speak with Caylee on the phone.
    Finding Caylee close to home bound with duct tape
    Justice is comming for my son

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    Great Topic !!

    #1 - The obvious 31 days

    #2 - Casey being overheard on the car ride 911 call asking for one more day

    #3 - Casey asking in a snippy way, the home 911 call, "Why do they want to talk to me??

    #4 - Casey's 1st phone call home insisting on someone giving her Tony L phone # and her comments about, "All you guys want is Caylee is back"....well, I do to, but give me Tony's phone number. Calling you guys has been a huge waste".

    #5 - Her day tripping with LE to Universal and admitting that NOT everything she told them were lies.

    #6 - Her comment to Tracy, "They haven't even found her clothes yet, and they don't have the right timeline".

    #7 - Her non reaction to the Blanchard Park media coverage, vs the coverage on Suburban Drive.

    #8 - The stain in the trunk, along with documentation of how "clean" it was otherwise.

    #9 - Her lack of work history or proof of it, along with her resume of being a "nanny" that was found in her car.

    #10 - Just half of the lies rebutted by the witness's.

    #11 - The same duct tape found on Caylee as what was found on the Caylee posters.

    #12 - The Diary of Days written by Cindy, and Casey's response.

    #13 - Her party pictures from Fusion during that timeframe.

    #14 - The Forensic evidence, explained simply, so as to not confuse or muddle up the jury.

    #15 - A trip to the holding area where the car has been kept so that they can smell it, because, it WILL still be stinking. Baez can try to say that it is because of the heat, etc, but, trust me, knowing first hand, that is NOT so. It's gonna smell forever even if it was being stored at the Artic Circle with the windows wide open.

    Sorry I went over the asked for number of things ~ Those are things that just came to me off the top of my head.
    I know that there are better and probably stronger things that can convince the jury.

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    31 Days
    Caylee disappeared while on Casey's watch
    Caylee was never seen alive after 15/16
    Casey's lies
    Casey's computer searches on death and killing

    Umm...wow I could list another half dozen without batting an eye!!

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    June 21st Diary entry, and evidence the Diary was not written in '03!!!

    Her quotes that "I don't want to disturb Caylee's new normal (or something to that effect), she's sleeping. Her life will never be the same"., "She's close", "They haven't even found her clothes yet".

    Hoover's claim that Dominic Casey knew where the body was on Nov. 15th.
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    1. “This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love . . . Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankful for all of the love and support given to her . . . ”

    2. “diary of days" . . . "What is given, can be taken away. Everyone lies. Everyone dies. Life will never be easy. . . . ”

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    Caylee's Autopsy report and photos
    Hair strand found in trunk exhibiting characteristics of decomposition
    Coffin flies in the trunk
    Stain in the trunk
    The garbage from the trunk
    Cadaver dog alerts in the trunk and backyard
    The Car
    Duct tape
    Bella Vita Tattoo
    Diary of Days and Cindy's Myspace
    The Universal interview
    Her written statement
    Blockbuster video
    31 days of not reporting her missing child
    Pics taken during the 31 days (Fusian)
    The Journal entry from June 21
    Her history of lying and stealing
    Proof of her Non-employment and what she did during the 31 days when she stated she was conducting her own search

    "There are three kinds of intelligence: one kind understands things for itself, the other appreciates what others can understand, the third understands neither for itself nor through others. This first is excellent, the second good, and the third useless.

    --Niccolo Machiavelli"

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    Intermezzo was the first one to list it; but for me it's the duct tape, the duct tape, the duct tape.
    The heart of the pure can see, but my eyes have never seen the unicorn . . .

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    Ya'll came up with some good ones. I will add just one thing that has always stuck with me. I really hope they can keep the entire 911 call in because I want the jury to hear Casey tell the dispatcher that she 'talked to Caylee the previous afternoon.'

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    31 days

    Casey's lies - what she told her mother about her whereabouts from June 15 - July 15 vs what she told friends and where she actually was - the whole Jacksonville story shows how elaborate her lies were.

    Casey's lie to LE about Caylee being kidnapped by Zanny and the investigation showing that Zanny and others don't exist.

    Sawgrass Apartments

    The car - the odor and cadaver dog hit on trunk - the impound yard

    Cadaver dog hits on the Anthony backyard

    The fight between Cindy and Casey on June 15, 2008

    Casey's pictures at Fusion

    Diary of Days

    Cindy's MySpace comments of July 3, 2008.

    The autopsy - testimony of forensic recovery team

    Physical evidence from the scene & how it all are items from the Anthony home.

    The duct tape

    Dominic Casey's search of the woods off Suburban on Nov. 15 and 16, 2008 - Cindy sending him there and why - who told him Caylee's remains were there.

    Amy Huizenga's testimony re: Casey telling her her dad hit an animal and the car smells and later that her dad took it to a mechanic for repair.

    Tony Larzaro's testimony of those 31 days

    Jesse Grund's testimony

    Casey's work history

    Video of Casey at Target showing her purchases - nothing for Caylee, and items for partying, lingerie

    Borrowing the shovel from Brian Burner

    My posts are my opinion..........

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    the duct tape including the hair attached
    the autopsy
    the car (actual physical trip to the car by the jury, for a whif, of what will never go away)
    cadaver dogs hits on the Anthony backyard
    Simon Burch's testimony
    mitochondrial DNA of the hair strand in the trunk
    luminol & findings based on luminol
    Testimony of Robyn Adams and other inmate (Maya?)regarding getting Caylee to sleep
    Cindy's "smells like a dead body in the damn trunk" statement in the 911 call

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    Not sure this would be used but it is my personal favorite of KC's misstatements:

    I don`t want to be one of those thousands of parents that has to deal with the possibility ... of knowing that their child`s alive and that they`re with someone else. The thought of that every day makes me sick." Casey Anthony , August 14, 2008

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    The beautiful roundabout of Context, Veracity, and JUSTICE
    You have all nailed it (because you're awesome)--I think the two biggest for me would be the Duct Tape Connection and the 31 Days of Lies. And regarding the lies, I hope the State can provide some kind of visual for the jurors about this. Like a chart or something, with one column being "what KC was really doing" and others for "what KC told her mom, what she told AH/RM, what she told TL". Look how much time over the past two + years we have spent comparing pings to texts to statements to videotape! And I still have a hard time remembering which lie started when and whatnot.

    I just hope there is some kind of succinct visual that provides a "snapshot" of all the lies and layers of lies she was telling, just to keep anyone off her back about Caylee so she could keep partying (often on her back). It's a ton to keep in a juror's head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LambChop View Post
    Not sure this would be used but it is my personal favorite of KC's misstatements:

    I don`t want to be one of those thousands of parents that has to deal with the possibility ... of knowing that their child`s alive and that they`re with someone else. The thought of that every day makes me sick." Casey Anthony , August 14, 2008
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    When you all lay it out like this, it is soooooo compelling...her goose is cooked...

    I would also like for the first phone call home, being arrested on a whim, asking for TonyL's phone number, speaking to Christina, all they want is Caylee back...pause....so, do I...

    Her parents telling her Caylee's reward $250,000, Wow...that's half my bond!

    I would like to see the jailhouse visit where ICA looses her cool. Where she states, I'm so frushtrated I can't schwallow...I believe that shows the anger and rage she holds and is capable of the unthinkable...JMHO

    Justice for Caylee

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