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    WA - Jewelry store robbery in Kennewick

    This is so scary! I know this family well...our son's have grown up together since they were in kindergarten and of course they are our family jewelers.

    The family was tied up at home and dad wad forced to go to the store and let them in...


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    That is scary! Home invasions are the worst I think. You never know what the creeps are gonna do.


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    Thanks for posting this Jaxson....thank God the family is alright (physically, at least). Scary is right....

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    I hope they catch these people before it turns into a more serious crime than robbery.

    According to the article there was a similar crime against the family and owner of a pawn shop. Of course LE said they don't know if the crimes are related, but it appears to be the exact same MO.

    Thankfully the family wasn't physically harmed.


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