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    Threadiquette- Questions about rules welcome here

    Thanks to JBean


    Name Variations and Name calling
    Please do not alter the names of anyone discussed in this case, except appropriate abbreviations.Derogatory name changes, or any kind of name change is not acceptable.
    Name calling is not allowed.

    If you have any questions about what is ok to post, please ask, you can check at the bottom of the page for a Mod on this particlular forum, we are all happy to help out and answer your questions. Glad to have you all here!!!
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    Please only copy no more than 10% of an article and do not forget the link!
    Posts that copy more than that will be edited and posts with no link will be removed entirely.
    Please, please follow this rule.

    If you copy an image or picture from another site, please provide a link to the original source or the picture will be removed.
    Be courteous to the work of others.
    Please do not cut and paste information from pay sites or password protected sites.
    Thank you.

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