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    This case is going nowhere. Jennifer Perez knew what was going on in that house, and should have been charged. A.P. never changed her story. She always stated she told her Mother, Jennifer Perez, and her Mother told her it was not their business.

    Carmen Barahona better not get the "Hedda Nessbaum" pass defense, "Too abused to tell.".

    Jorge Barahona's court appointed attorney has gone to Nicuragua on government expense, for defense information for POS child killer, Jorge Barahona. Really, the crime happened in the United States, no travel needed..

    I understand the wheels of justice turn slowly, but in this case, they are permanently stalled.

    Still no court date set...really?!

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    From 2011, there have been 930 pages of evidence against the Barahona's. Read, only if you want to hear about horrific abuse.
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    This article from May 2017 explains why Jorge's attorney went to Nicaragua:

    A spokeswoman for the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office offered no specific reason as to why the cases haven’t gone to trial. However, she said, such delays aren’t unusual when the death penalty is in play. For instance, court records show Jorge Barahona’s attorney has been given permission to travel to his client’s native Nicaragua to gather information that would be used in the death penalty phase of the trial. Other atypical motions pepper both files.

    According to the Miami-Dade County Criminal Case Search, both Carmen and Jorge are scheduled for a status hearing on October 5th. I pray the judge denies any further requests for continuances and sets their trial date(s) at that hearing.

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    Miami? After this storm, I doubt that they will get back to business as usual. And the delays will continue.

    No justice for Nubia, or Victor. There is no excuse for the ongoing delays.

    Defense had to travel to Nicaragua for crucial information? The guy is a psychopath dirtbag.

    Since 2011. This is stalling of the highest degree, and merits a review of our judicial system if it takes this long to go to trial with this much evidence.

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    No trial date set! WTF!
    More time for discovery?! Since 2011? There is over 900 pages! Need another trip to Nicaragua?
    More attorney fees, granted.

    and...drum roll...status check 12/17/2017!

    Why no trial date? Dylan Roof killed multiple people, trial within a year of crime.

    Why is this being continued, forever?! Does the State of Florida just want him to plead it out?

    ZERO JUSTICE for Nubia!

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