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    Desiree has valentine message for Kyron

    Didn't see this posted anywhere, Happy Valentines Day Kyron!


    "This holiday will be tough just as the others have. Valentine’s Day has always been our special day. When I was growing up my Mom always bought me some sweet little memento like a heart necklace or something special that was just for me, it made me feel loved and extremely blessed. I decided when I had kids that I would do the same. Each year I get something special for Kyron because he's my Valentine. I placed a Valentine for him at the Wall of Hope in hopes that he can feel my love for him, from wherever he is. I am deeply saddened that he is not here with me.

    Kyron I love you very much, I miss you and I want you home. I have a hole in my heart that will not be fixed until you come home. I will never give up, I will keep searching until you are in my arms again. God is looking over you and protecting you until I get there, so be brave, I am coming.

    The police and search & rescuers are still looking for you, they will not stop until you are found. We have adopted them into our family and they feel it is a personal mission to bring you home to us and they will not stop until you are home. I know that we are getting closer every day, I dream about finding you and I know they will bring you home.

    Law Enforcement continues to brief us regularly on the case, the investigation continues to march on, they will solve this case and bring Kyron home.

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    God bless Desiree, my heart breaks for her I cannot begin nor dare to imagine this womans grief. I had a tough time reading her words as it is all so heartbreaking but her strength still manages to shine through.

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    Little Kyron is in my thoughts as well, every holiday since he has been gone has given me pause to stop and wonder where he is? My daughter is his age, I just can not imagine the pain she must feel, they both must feel. My heart aches for him and both Desiree and Kaine.
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    I can honestly say I think about this little boy every single day and pray for his mama. I cannot imagine her pain but it humbles me and makes me thankful daily for my blessings. I know where my babies are.
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    I can honestly say that I feel the exact same way. I hug my kids more and longer. Kyron has taught me to appreciate the time that I have with my kids so much more.

    Praying for Kyron to be found soon.
    Terri, where's Kyron?

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