“We do want the general public to remain vigilant, in particular our more vulnerable citizens."


There are 18 unsolved cases involving women reported missing or found dead along the highway, and no arrests have been made since the first case 38 years ago

"Things are not going good in the North," said Mavis Erickson, the co-ordinator of Highway of Tears program. She works as a liaison between victims' families, police and the government.

"Women continue to go missing in the North and the numbers just keep rising and so far, there hasn't been a case that has been solved, so we don't know if there is a serial killer or what the circumstances are in the North."

Erickson said Maas's death should serve as a warning to other women in northern B.C.

"We are not educating our women and girls to be careful and be vigilant about their own safety. You know, there seems to be a steady number of women going missing and murdered in the Prince George area."
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