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    Canada - Jordan Wabasse, 15, Thunder Bay ON, 7 February 2011

    Police seek public’s help in finding missing teen

    Feb 10, 2011

    Police are asking for the public's help in locating a missing teen.

    Officials with the Thunder Bay Police Service say 15- year old Jordan Wabasse has not been heard from since Monday.

    More: http://www.tbnewswatch.com/news/1316...g-missing-teen

    Search Efforts Expanding For Jordan Wabasse

    The power of the Internet, social networking, friends and family all are working together to find Jordan Wabasse a missing 15-year-old.


    In stories like this, it is easy to forget how the parents, family and friends are impacted. Jordan, is from Webequie First Nation. Webequie is located on the northern peninsula of Eastwood Island on the Winisk Lake, 540 kilometers north of the city of Thunder Bay, or 450 kilometers north of the town of Sioux Lookout. Access is only by air or a seasonal winter road. There is no year-round road access. The nearest year-round road access is the town of Pickle Lake, 250 km to the southwest, or the town of Nakina, 320 km to the southeast. Charter air service to Webequie is available from both of these communities.

    Like many young people from First Nations communities, Jordan is in Thunder Bay to complete his high school education.

    More: http://netnewsledger.com/?p=5756

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    Search continues

    12 Feb 2011

    Police say they haven't ruled out the possibility of foul play but remain hopeful to find a 15-year-old-teenager who went missing last week.

    More: http://www.tbnewswatch.com/news/1320...r-missing-teen

    Day Seven – Search Continues for Jordan Wabasse

    14 Feb 2011

    The latest information from the Thunder Bay Police Service on Jordan Wabasse is that Police are investigating suspicious foot prints which were found just after 3:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

    Volunteer searchers discovered the footprints in snow near an area of open water located just east of the James Street swing bridge.

    More: http://netnewsledger.com/?p=5801

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    Day 8 – A Long Day for Friends and Family

    15 Feb 2011

    It has likely been a very long day today for the friends and family of Jordan Wabasse. Search efforts have focused on the area around the James Street Swing Bridge, as the O.P.P. dive team starts looking for the 15 year old Webiquie First Nations youth. Wabasse has been missing since last Monday. He was last seen getting off of a Thunder Bay Transit bus.

    The OPP dive team got going today, and by late afternoon had called off their efforts for the evening as light in the water is an issue for the divers.

    The team is expected to continue working on Wednesday morning.

    More: http://netnewsledger.com/?p=5833

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    Day Nine Continues in Search for Jordan Wabasse

    16 Feb 2011

    Day nine of the search for Jordan Wabasse will see the search continue both across the city, and along the Kaministiquia River where the OPP dive team will continue search efforts.


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    Jordan Wabasse – Day 10 Search Continues – Can you help?

    The water search on the Kaministiquia River related to the disappearance of Jordan Wabasse has concluded on Wednesday without any new results.

    More: http://netnewsledger.com/?p=5902

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    Heading into Day 11 of Search for Jordan Wabasse

    The search operation involving the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Underwater Search and Recovery Unit has concluded. The dive team commenced its operation on February 15, 2011. An exhaustive search of the waterway adjacent to the James Street bridge was completed this date. A ball cap resembling one worn by Jordan on the night of his disappearance was recovered on a structure just offshore on Tuesday February 15, 2011. The hat is currently being examined at the Centre of Forensic Science.

    More: http://netnewsledger.com/?p=5925

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    Please Help Find Jordan Wabass


    "I'm no longer going to be patient, or polite. I'm getting past frustrated for the family and community members who are desperately hoping that Jordan is alive somewhere. He's a good kid. He likes hockey. He wants to have a good education. That's why he came south, to have better opportunities. He's big for his age, and may look older, except when he smiles. Then he's just a sweet, shy kid. He's good with digital arts. One of his pieces is going to be in a picture book- a companion piece to a documentary that was shot about him and his fellow students and their struggles to get past the challenges they face in a remote community. I'm shouting out these details so that he has a face for the people in the South who don't know him. If they knew him, they'd be looking in bus and train stations in Toronto, Winnipeg, Timmins. They'd be talking about him. They'd be searching in sub zero temperature in the back alleys, too."

    Cathy Elliott, DAREarts aboriginal Artist as Teacher.

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    Search for teen turns up empty

    Nothing was found in a forest behind the THP gas station on the Fort William First Nation that was combed Friday by the Anishinabek Police Service, who rode snowmobiles with two local men in the continued search for missing teen Jordan Wabasse.

    More: http://www.chroniclejournal.com/cont...en-turns-empty

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    Air search begins for teenager

    The search for a missing 15-year-old Webequie First Nation boy continues today, with an OPP helicopter arriving in the city to survey the Kaministiquia River from the air.

    The helicopter search for Jordan Wabasse — last seen Feb. 7 getting off a bus near his residence on Holt Place, near the Westfort playfield — was originally scheduled to happen on Saturday.

    However, bad weather delayed the arrival of the aircraft, police said.

    The ground search continued Saturday, however. Police and volunteers continued to scour the banks of the Kaministiquia River near the James Street swing bridge. Nothing had been found by Saturday evening, police said.

    More: http://www.chroniclejournal.com/cont...egins-teenager

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    Day 13 Search Continues for Jordan Wabasse

    The investigation into the disappearance of Jordan Wabasse is continuing into Day 13. Thunder Bay Police Service report that “A search of a wooded area off of City Road east of James Street was conducted Friday by the Anishinabek Police Service and volunteers. Results were negative”. Thunder Bay Police have begun a search of the river banks adjacent to the original dive site on the Kaministiquia River near James Street.

    The search has not found Jordan yet.

    More: http://netnewsledger.com/?p=5969

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    Search Efforts to Find Jordan Wabasse heading to Day 14

    As daylight fades on Day 13, the ground search for Jordan Wabasse, along the Kaministiquia River bank in the vicinity of the James Street Bridge has been conducted with negative results. The aerial search has been postponed until tomorrow (Monday) due to a delay in the arrival of the O.P.P. helicopter.

    More: http://netnewsledger.com/?p=5985

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    Facebook page - Help Find Jordan Wabasse - http://www.facebook.com/helpfindjordan

    This photo was taken just a few hours before Jordan was last seen:

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    Chopper to join search today

    A planned aerial search of the Kaministiquia River for a missing 15-year-old Webequie First Nation boy has been rescheduled for today.


    Wabasse was last seen Feb. 7 getting off a bus near the Holt Place address where he was living. Holt Place is at the end of Mary Street, close to the Westfort playfield.

    Wabasse was reported missing by a guardina the next day, and volunteer searchers later spotted footprints in the snow near open water on the river. The area has been a focus of the search since, with an OPP dive team participating last week.


    Police have not ruled out foul play.

    More: http://www.chroniclejournal.com/cont...n-search-today

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    According to the Facebook page for Jordan, there is a pow-wow today (Monday, Feb 21) at Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School from 6:00 - 10:00 pm. Songs for Jordan.


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    Family and Friends and Community Coming together for Jordan Wabasse


    Monday, February 21, 2011

    THUNDER BAY – Maybe it is just the distance? Maybe it is because every news day is just another really busy day, but a new friend of mine, Cathy Elliott from Toronto is left wondering why none of the major media in Toronto have covered the story. The story is a missing Aboriginal teenager, Jordan Wabasse from Webiquie First Nation in Northwestern Ontario.

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