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Thread: Canada - Virginia Sampare, 18, Vancouver BC, 14 Oct 1971

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    Canada - Virginia Sampare, 18, Vancouver BC, 14 Oct 1971

    Virgina Sampare vanished on October 14, 1971, while hanging out with her cousin. Her cousin left her to return to his home to get a coat, but never saw her again. He reports hearing a pickup door slam shut, but no one knows what exactly happened to Virginia, despite an extensive search.

    Virginia doesn't fit the E-Pana criteria as an official victim for the Highway of Tears investigation project. Her family says it would not be like Virginia to have run away, as she always told them where she was going. However, reports that she was depressed at the time over the recent disappearance of her boyfriend (who was later found drowned) have left open theories that she moved away or committed suicide. Virginia's siblings do not believe either of these theories to be true.

    Her case was reopened in 2001, but there have been no conclusions reached.

    "It would be nice for us to have closure. If she's alive it would be nice to see her again. And if she's gone, it would be nice to put her to rest and have a feast and put a marker up."

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