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    Dispatcher sends ambulance to wrong address


    Hear the entire 9-1-1 call as a frantic mom calls about her nine-year-old daughter who is dying after having a seizure. A few minutes into the call the dispatcher realizes she accidentally sent the ambulance to a similar but different address. Warning: the call is disturbing.

    I ran across this story following a link to another case. It is dated 1/18/2011, Darke Co, Ohio. Does anyone have an update?

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    This was the most heartbreaking thing I have EVER listened to! I am literally shaking... poor, poor woman!

    You could tell the dispatcher was devastated... sounds like she began crying and couldn't continue to call. My heart goes out to all of them. Just awful.

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    Prayers for everybody affected by this horrible tragedy, in Jesus' Name, amen.

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    Ohhh OUCH!
    Ca should listen to true heartbreak. imo
    That poor mommy.

    Beautiful Rox.
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    Rest peacefully my love I'll forever miss you.

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    Oh, Father. This poor momma! This poor dispatcher! This is by far the hardest 911 call I've ever listened to, and as a Websleuths member, I've listened to so many.

    "Oh, please, Lord, help me." Poor, poor little mommy. "I need help! Oh, Lord, my baby Oh, Lord, she is yours!" Who can listen to this mother and not just enter into her agony?

    You know the only thing that helps me when I hear of things like this is to know, to really, really know that the suffering has ended for the child. But oh, the suffering of this momma and the dispatcher isn't going to end anytime soon, is it?
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    I'm a 911 dispatcher and every day I pray for the strength and guidance to face what's ahead and do my job accurately and efficiently and with compassion. I have dealt with frantic callers and it is extremely hard to get an address (especially when they call from a cell phone as my communication center cannot track all cell phones yet) -- many are so upset they can't communicate. I feel so bad for the mom who kept waiting and waiting for the help to arrive, and for the dispatcher who realized she made an error.

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