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    Thumbs down Brazil - Man imprisons wife in cellar for 8 years


    Joao Batista Groppo, Brazil Man, Imprisoned Wife For Years
    01/27/11 03:35 PM

    Joao Batista Groppo, 64, was arrested after his wife of 40 years, S*********, was found confined in a "filthy, dark" cellar, said police inspector Jaqueline Barcelos Coutinho.
    Groppo's girlfriend, Maria Furquim, was arrested as an accomplice by police in Sorocaba, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) west of Sao Paulo, the inspector said.
    She said she was shocked when she arrived at Groppo's house and found the woman behind a padlocked iron gate in the cellar.

    "She was lying nude on a concrete bed inside a foul-smelling, humid cubicle with no electricity or ventilation," Coutinho said. "The walls were covered with mold and spider webs. She was in a degrading situation unfit for animals."
    Grrrrrrrr. You gotta read the article. Says the son knew his mother was locked up in the cellar, but was "unable to persuade him to stop" (the father). Even so, LE took her to the hospital and released her to the son! WTH? Why didn't the son go to the police so they could "persuade" his father to let his mother out of the cellar?

    Brazil man 'locked wife in cellar for eight years'
    Mr Groppo says his wife is mentally ill

    A Brazilian man has been arrested on suspicion of keeping his wife locked in a cellar for at least eight years while he lived upstairs with another woman.

    January 2011 Last updated at 18:31 ET

    picture at link~

    Her husband Joao Batista Groppo told officers he had locked her up because she was mentally ill and aggressive.
    "He told us that locking her up was the only way he could think of to prevent her from wandering off and getting lost," she added.

    The couple have been married for more than 40 years.
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    faces 8 years? For locking her up for 16?

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    I might be a little aggressive, myself, if my husband locked me in a dungeon and brought in another woman to live in my home!!
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    Husband accused of locking wife in cellar for 16 years while he lived upstairs with mistress
    by Greig Box-Turnbull, Daily Mirror

    Officers found S*********, 64, cowering naked in a 130sq ft basement which was strewn with faeces and crawling with cockroaches,
    He admitted keeping her in the squalid dungeon for two periods, totalling 16 years.

    The second time was in 2003, after their son died in an accident.

    Police say S********* did have mental problems – but they were probably caused by her incarceration.

    Insp Salomone added: “She showed no signs of being aggressive and had no serious health problems

    So, there must have been at least two sons. Sure would like to know how the one son died.

    Brazilian man 'kept wife locked in cellar for 16 years'
    By Robin Yapp, Sao Paulo
    6:37PM GMT 27 Jan 2011

    Police said Joao Batista Groppo, 64, was seized after they visited the home following a tip off from a neighbour, who had heard crying.
    Police said that Mr Groppo at first said his wife had been in the cellar since 1995 before changing this to 2003 at the police station.
    Mr Groppo and Ms Furquim were arrested for a crime equivalent to false imprisonment, which can carry a sentence of between two and eight years in Brazil.
    So, she was either imprisoned in there for two periods of 16 years, or one period of 8 years, but either way they only face charges of false imprisonment.....two to eight years.....what a deal.


    Woman freed after eight years in Brazil cellar
    Agence France-Presse
    January 29, 2011

    picture at link~

    *********, who showed no sign of physical abuse, was released into the care of her two children, who apparently knew of her situation in the city of Sorocaba in Sao Paulo state.

    During the years she was held underground, Aparecida was taken outdoors only once a month by her husband, Joao Batista Groppo, to visit a psychiatric facility, where doctors were not made aware of the conditions in which she was living.
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