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    WA-Port Orchard minister admits on tape to rape of girl

    Port Orchard minister admits on tape to rape of girl
    By Keith Eldridge
    Story Published: Feb 17, 2011 at 6:54 PM PST
    Story Updated: Feb 18, 2011 at 6:57 AM PST

    PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- Investigators say a minister has confessed on tape to raping a 12-year-old girl years ago.

    The alleged victim says she told her family about the alleged abuse by Pastor Dirk Jackson back in 2003, but nothing was done.

    Now 21, the woman decided to report the alleged abuse herself after recently running into Jackson at another church.
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    So he's now an ordained minister, married and with children of his own. So glad this isn't a "pattern". I guess if you do it just once (as if!!) it's permissible?

    From IWannaKnow's link:

    "....On Thursday the courtroom was packed with his family and supporters. His wife sobbed. Jackson is a father of two young children. Jackson's own father came to his defense.

    "This is not a pattern," said DJ. "His life has absolutely been a contribution to our community. He won't go nowhere. We'll see to that." A judge set bail at $50,000.

    Meantime, friends of the alleged victim credited her bravery in coming forward. "It's not her fault," said friend SC. "She shouldn't feel bad that she said anything."

    "He made his own choices," said SF, another friend. "He ruined his own reputation. She didn't ruin his reputation...."

    more at link

    What a relief to learn that it wasn't the 12 year old's fault. This hits me close to home as I have two nieces in Port Orchard--one with profound intellectual disabilities (she functions at about a 4 year old level). She's a pretty and sweet and extremely friendly and trusting 24 year old and her greatest joy has always been church.

    Shame on this man.....

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    This man would have only been 24 or so in 2002-03. Was he a teacher with full credentials? More details here:


    “....(She) had to repeat sixth grade, and the incidents began toward the end of her first time through 6th grade and continued through the following year, approximately 2003 until she left the school for home-schooling,” according to the certificate of probable cause. “(She) stated that the incidents had occurred in the classroom while the other kids were at recess or in another room where she was frequently moved to take tests.”

    She said there were numerous occasions in which Jackson had inappropriately touched her, and two in which she had performed oral sex. She decided to report Jackson when she saw him by chance at First Baptist Church on Sidney Avenue...."


    "...Jackson started working at First Baptist Church in October 2003. “He works with youth and youth programs,” according to the certificate of probable cause...."


    "....Later police told him that they had recorded copies of the phone calls and were aware of the assaults. “He dropped his head and I asked him if anything was forced,” according to the certificate of probable cause. “He told us that it was not forced and told me that it was consensual [with a 12 yr. old???]....”


    "....Detectives are concerned that there may be additional young victims who may not have reported inappropriate touching or behavior by this individual,” according to a press release from the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office..."

    more at link

    In other words, Jackson did prey on an extremely young and vulnerable girl. She repeated 6th grade. One wonders if this was due to challenges she had or was because of Jackson's recommendation. I've very bothered by the fact that her family did nothing to support her. She did this herself. She's a strong woman to step forward to protect other children.

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    So good to know that the crime did NOT occur at the First Baptist Church and was before Jackson's tenure (?) there, and that we are directed to pray for him.....not the victim. Just how does one spell the word "distance"?


    "...Pastor Dirk appeared today (February 17) in a Kitsap County Superior Court. He was formally charged with rape of a minor. This allegedly occurred before his tenure at our church. I would like for all of us to keep three things in mind. First, our congregation has not been indicated as a place where anything wrong happened. To our knowledge, Dirk is not being accused of any wrongdoing in his official capacity as a pastor at FBC.

    Second, we want to keep Pastor Dirk’s family in our prayers. This is a very difficult time in his life and those who love him.

    Third, as a community of faith our commitment is to the truth. We want the truth to come out about this; even if that is painful truth. It is only from a place of truth that healing can take place...."

    more at link

    With all due respect to Pastor Greening, I do not doubt for a second that this is a time of sadness and a "dark valley" but please sir, can you speak to the victim's pain? With the increasing number of victims who are coming forward to accuse their pastors of abuse, one would think that a person would learn how to appropriately respond in seminary.

    I happen to believe in forgiveness and repentance but the week of the disclosures is really not the time to be talking about those issues. First line of business is to respond to the victim's needs. I am highly impressed, though, that the site is not down "for repairs".

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    A bit more like it. Now Pastor Greening is acting and sounding as I would want him to if he were my pastor. The link above is from Feb. 18th and the link below is from Feb. 21st. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt as he was probably in shock:



    1. We need to resist the temptation to speculate on Dirk’s legal situation.
    2. If these allegations are true, then our love, encouragement and support must be for the woman who has brought these charges as well as for Dirk and his family. In fact, we should be thankful for her, for we would not have wanted to continue living without the truth.
    3. If anyone else has been hurt, please tell. Now is the time to come forward.
    4. We have lost something, and the feelings of loss and grief are normal. These include depression, denial, bargaining, physical pain, and anger. We will feel these individually as well as a congregation.
    5. In adversity, true character is revealed.
    6. Our church will be hurt by this, but when the legal issues, the media cameras and front page newspaper stories are gone, we will still be here, because God is bigger than any one person and his or her situation. God is still working through our church.

    more at link

    Hopefully other pastors will start to take notes on how best to confront this most onerous of crimes within their congregations.

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