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    MA - Karen Hammond, 21, Dorchester, 3 Jan 1995

    I found no mention of Karen Hammond any where on the forum so I wanted to make a thread. I've also searched the internet for anything about her but there is nothing except articles about her parents thinking her body may have been dumped in the Quincy Rail Quarry in Quincy, Ma.
    From what I've been able to find on the internet:
    Karen Hammond was a 21 yr. old mother of two from Dorchester, Ma.. There is talk about her maybe being a prostitute and maybe involved with drugs. On Jan. 3, 1995 she was out with her boyfriend until the late afternoon then he dropped her off at a convience store (Store-24) close by where she lived. That is the last time anyone seen her.

    In November 1994 the body of missing 17yr old Sonia Leal was found in the Quincy Quarry while divers were there looking for another missing person, irish student PJ McDonagh who was last seen there. Sonia Leal was put there by 3 men after they picked her up in the combat zone (place in Boston where prositutes are) raped and killed her. The 3 men were arrested in the spring of 1995.
    Between 1994 and 1997 police were still looking in the quarry for PJ McDonagh. In November 1997 police using sonar equipment seen two bodies in the quarry, one male and one female. They were able to bring up the male body who turned out to be PJ McDonagh but were never able to find the female body again.
    Karen Hammonds parents think it may be her. I don't know why they think it's her, I can't find anything that says why. I'm guessing that since the other woman found was a prostitute that maybe the same men killed Karen and dumped her body there as well. In one article I found it states that investigators DO NOT think it's Karen Hammond in the quarry. If it's not her then where is she and why aren't they looking for her?

    Since 1997 they have since filled up that quarry with the body still in it. Her family and children will never know for sure if it was her or not.

    One of the reasons I wanted to put this here is that there is nothing any where that I can find about Karen Hammond. It seems as though her disappearance is not that important to investigators......probably because of her lifestyle. The other reason I wanted to post about Karen is because as a child my family and her family lived in the same triple decker for a while in Dorchester. She lived on the first floor with her parents, two sisters and a brother. Karen and I were the same age and went to school together. My younger sister and I would play almost everyday with her and one of her younger sisters. We were very good friends until I moved away. I never talked to or heard anything about her again after that until I heard about the quarries in 1997.

    There is no missing person page for her anywhere.....if you know of one please let me know.

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    Article: As quarry divers find 2d body, two families hope for closure (1997)


    In Quarry's Dark Water, Grim Tales of Danger and Despair (Dec 1997)
    By the black-water depths of the old Granite Rail Quarry, Charlie Hammond stood waiting again today, waiting to find out whether a naked female corpse recently spotted in the murk by police divers and then lost from sight was that of his long-missing daughter, Karen.


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    Protestors Oppose Plan to Reclaim Quarry (2000)


    Hammond's hopes are pinned on reports from two State Police divers who said they spotted the body of a petite white woman in 1998, but couldn't retrieve her. The quarry was drained to the bottom in 1999, and nothing was found then. But Hammond thinks divers missed it.


    Attorney Peres represented the family of a missing 21-year old mother of two, Karen Hammond, whose dead body may have been left in the Granite Rail Quarry in Quincy, Massachusetts. The authorities had given up looking for the body even though divers had discovered what appeared to be the body of a young woman believed to be Karen Hammond in 1997. The quarry was scheduled to be filled with dirt from the "Big Dig" project in November, 2000. Attorney Peres filed the case seeking a preliminary injunction to stop the filling of the quarry for a short period of time to allow the Hammond family to conduct a privately funded search for Karen's body. The case was reported on extensively by The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, and all the local television stations.


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    Kin believe missing mom buried in quarry (2005)

    He also has another theory, one that keeps drawing him back high atop Quincy, to a place he reluctantly considers his daughter's grave - the now filled-in Granite Rail quarry in Quincy.


    Can't find any mention of her after 2005...

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    Thank you for linking all of those

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    As quarry divers find 2d body, two families hope for closure
    The Boston Globe (Boston, MA)

    November 22, 1997 | Ric Kahn, Globe Staff

    QUINCY -- For almost three years, Karen and Charlie Hammond have searched high and low for the troubled daughter who shared her mother's name. In dumpsters, garbage bags, abandoned cars.

    Yesterday, they stood shoulder to shoulder at the edge of the Granite Rail Quarry, their stomachs churning, as a dive team aided by a computer-controlled camera made a gruesome discovery in the frigid waters more than 100 feet below.

    Not only was there the body of a woman that had been discovered Thursday afternoon in the darkened depths -- unclothed and in the fetal position. But the camera captured the image of a second body, possibly a male -- and the waters may harbor yet another female body that has yet to be discovered, sources say. With the waters too murky, the projected crime scene too fragile, and the bodies too decomposed, officials said yesterday evening that it was too early to match names to the two corpses. But sources say detectives are investigating whether Hammond's disappearance may be linked to the same men who were convicted of torturing and killing a teenage prostitute and tossing her body into these waters three years ago...snip

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