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View Poll Results: Do you think Amanda Knox is guilty?

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    Do you think Amanda Knox is GUILTY? **LIST ONLY NO DISCUSSION**

    I didn't see a poll in the Kercher murder/Knox appeal thread so I started one.

    Let me start by saying YES!!

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    I really dont feel she is.

    RIP McStays

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    I did until recently but no longer do. I've read every forum, followed every link for those seeking to justify their positions on Amanda's guilt and or innocence. I found that most of the evidence that persuaded me to convict her was based on "mistruths" and rumour. The evidence in my opinion is not enough to convict her of murder if you are able to detach yourself from the unusual behaviour she displayed (carthwheels, etc.) when she should have been devasted at the loss of her roommate and friend.

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    I do not nor have i ever thought that ak or rs is guilty....i believe the one and only killer of meredith is rg.

    I do not think the evidence was handled properly and i believe the ile was biased from the beginning. No way would any of us want one of our loved ones on trial for their life and the main prosecutor being indicted himself.....are you serious??

    Dont get me wrong, this isnt a slam against italians.....i'm italian but this case has some seriously troubling errors and i only pray that ak and rs are freed and that meredith is able to rest in peace knowing her murderer was given a reduced sentence for his lies.......

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    I believe she is guilty

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    Absolutely not.

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    Yup. Guilty.

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    I think she's probably guilty of being there and her story about covering her ears is true. I don't think she 'participated' directly and I think she decided to help clean/cover-up simply to save face. She didn't want mommy & daddy to know she was on drugs and involved with these weirdos. Well, now the world knows. I think perhaps she had been extracted from other `situations`in her life and was so morally bankrupt that she thought mommy & daddy could just get her out of this one too.

    I`m not overlooking the (problems with the) prosecutor`s reputation and the (lack) of crime scene preservation. This is why I voted łnsure` because while I think AK is guilty of a cover-up, I don`t think the court and police have `clean hands`.

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    I think she is guilty.

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    I think she's guilty too just from her demeanor. That means nothing and is only based on what I've seen in the media. I'd like to look her in the eyes !!!

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    I think she's guilty.

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    I do believe she was involved.
    As to what extent I simply don't know. Not that I necessarily believe prosecution side that she orchestrated it.

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    I live in Amanda's home area, and in these parts it's not popular to say you believe she is guilty. I do know that the Italian prosecutor of her first trial is a very strange man who is know to have flubbed many cases.

    I don't think Amanda is guilty of participating in the murder. I think she's guilty of being a spoiled, thankless girl who was living it up big in a foreign country on other people's money. I think she failed to realize or care that she has lead a very privileged life, and it appears to me that her advantages have not meant much to her.

    Her real guilt, I think, lies in engaging in a very self indulgent culture in which another person's life meant little. I think she drew in an element of people that put her and her room mate at risk. And then when her so-called 'friends' did their worst, she made no effort to help her room mate. She took a lot of risks, and her room mate paid the price.

    But no one would dare say anything like that around here!

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    Guilty. IMO.

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    Jan 2009
    I think she was there, but she was too stoned to do anything but cover her ears.


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