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    SD - Woman beaten for looking up how to leave abusive relationship

    This disgusts me - as if the abuse wasn't bad enough. I feel for this woman - she was trying to find a way out! Perhaps domestic violence orgs can instruct women on how to use a "private" browser or clear any and all history, cookies, etc.

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    People need to realize, when they criticize a woman for staying in an abusive relationship, how very difficult it can be to leave...and that if they finally manage to, that is the most dangerous and violent time as the abuser loses control of his victim.

    When I left my abusive ex, I still had to have some phone contact with him because of our children. He grew 10,000 times meaner and scarier after my leaving - I can only imagine what he'd have done if I saw him in person. If he'd caught me researching like this, I'm sure the same thing would have happened to me. The advocacy organization I worked with does tell clients to erase their history, cookies, etc. and better yet, to access resource sites from a public place like the library if possible...you're right, all agencies like that should do the same.

    What an awful ordeal she endured, right at the point she was starting to feel strong enough to get out.

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    This brought back memories of my ex...I finally left him when I came home to a busted up house and a note telling me he would kill me. I went to a motel and got a TRO. I remember how scared I was during that time constantly looking in my rear view mirror, etc. Definitely leaving an abuser is when a DV victim is at the most risk of being killed. My heart goes out to this woman.

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    I found this haunting .... a woman is most vulnerable for approximately 2 years after leaving

    this is a huge link....but contains a lot of very interesting data on the risks involved in leaving -- can be potentially fatal (staying is also as we well know)....

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